Kingdom Wars Revamp

Possible fix for kingdom wars. Change map to resemble Chinese checkers. Give each team their own section and race to the center to control a Tier III monument.


I… actually really like this idea.

Can’t think of a flaw with it. I’m sure that someone will come up with something.

would there be 25 sections or just the six?

I love the idea, but wouldn’t you need a 25 point star? That sounds messy lol


Here’s a quick mock-up

edit: I didn’t add rivers etc.

Point to note is the two teams at approx 10 o’clock are only 1 space apart. Maybe put a river in there.


That idea actually sounds doable for KW. I haven’t played Chinese Checkers in a long while too so…

There have been some really well thought out “solutions” to this event by the community…It’d be great if PG looked at any of them!


You could make the 25 sections by having a straight line from each teams area to the center section. With each line being a single row of tiles.

Also imagine I draw better.

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I like this but with barriers to allow easier defending of a teams area and forcing the conflict to focus on higher tier monuments.

Awesome dude!

Would a circle help eliminate the deficit of being located on a point?
(Sorry I can’t put much effort into “solving” while I am at work :frowning_face:)

Most of the suggestions I’ve seen are very complex. This is awesome because it’s just a change to the map. This would make it so that every team started on an even playing field. Very simple but fixes one of the major issues in KW which is map placement.

Here’s a 25 point star.

I think it could work. Although a circle would probably work just as well.


Looking at this I think it could actually work! Smart thinking OP!

Now just two teams on either side of you would completely determine your fate, and if you’re between two big ones you could be backed into a wall with no way out even while there’s still unclaimed land in the center. You might think they’ll race for the center, but some teams will opt out of that fight and take the path of less resistance building an income of basic hexes from blackbloods and weaker neighbors.

I’m not sure having two neighbors and one direction to go is at all better than the current situation.


what if placement was by league rank (at treasure hunt phase start) then? so in theory you would be in between two equal teams, with a river separating the strongest and weakest teams.

League rank has very little bearing on pvp event strength in the leagues I’ve been in recently. PVP requires sustained team activity and resources, while league rank…does not.

If we did assume low league rank meant weaker pvp teams, we’d then have to assume top teams will vie to throw a war to try to get a good starting position. I don’t see that as healthy for the game.

I like the idea. I would still like to see a way to not be randomly placed. While your idea puts everyone on an even playing field, if your team is between 2 sworn enemy teams at start, they could cut you off quick.

The plan would include walls or bumpers between each team. Only opening at the center monument.

A team would have to make it all the way to the center before they could attack any other team.

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Maybe just separate the teams by rivers which end 2 fields before the Tier III monument, the Tier II monuments enable teleporting to 1 other Tier II and the Tier III allows teleporting to all Tier II monuments.

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We like it, so they won’t do it, much less acknowledge it.

Edit - I think the 25 point circle would be AMAZING. Just saying. This event currently sucks dirty golf balls through garden hoses filled with dirty bath water.


I’ll do another mockup with some of the points noted.

My first mock-up has 13 hexes on each side - That’s the same size as the existing map.

Some of the mockups might require making it bigger. Any thoughts about a larger map?