Kingdom Wars: Starting in the Same Location

So my team is starting in the same exact location as we did the first time. Hoping its just a coincidence and that the third time we will be somewhere else…

Probably a coincidence. I was hoping my team would start in the same position as last time because we did incredibly well due to our position, but that was not the case this time :neutral_face: :t_rex:

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It’s random. We are elsewhere


We have a different spot this time around. Bad luck of the draw for you I guess.

It’s random.

We’re in a different, much worse location

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I don’t even think we are one or two cells from where we were last time, rather the same exact spot, which is a highly unlikely probability.

At least we can learn from last time and implement an improved strategy, but I was hoping to be somewhere else.

Think of all the hex’s as static and only the names of the bases change from event to event. You have a 1/25 chance of getting the same fort again, but that fort doesn’t move positions. It stays in its same spot no matter who owns it. Make sense?

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That does make sense if indeed the bases occupy all the same spots every time. I would have thought that all the hex’s would be eligible for a base, but if the same 25 are designated a potential base every time, then that I understand. Thanks.

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Was in a different team the last time round and ended up in the same place again this time…and our three-tentacled monster of conquered hexes looks about the same again…

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