Kingdom wars suggestions

my Suggestion for kingdom wars is this. First the map is looks more like a star. Every team gets to be on the edge but it is more like a capture the flag situation then this current crappy situation. You have a few territories to grab on your pennesula, then you join up against another team or two at a minor temple. Then you come together with at another area with a higher lvl temple which connects 4-6 teams. Then in the middle of the map is the big temple and at this point all teams are connected. Of course if there is one extremely strong team they can push into the other connected areas and there can be more temples on the way. But I feel this will make for a more enjoyable game and less teams having a crappy game do to being horribly positioned in the middle of the map. Also makes for more defendable boarders and can cause a small team to really hurt a big team by cutting them off at the minor temple.

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This event sucks. It is demoralizing and way too long to get constantly attacked by a team that can out spend anyone. Oh, but thats what you all like at PG. Makes you more money.

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Hey man. I am making a suggestion in how’s the devs at pg will change the game. I think it is an okay idea and of course a company is going to want to make money. It’s kind of the point. But I agree things event really sucks. But I am hoping this suggested change could make a potentially cool idea actually enjoyable for all.

And still make pg money so they will want to change it.

There’s been heaps of suggestions about how KW should be changed and I suggest you use the search button first and have a read on those… anyhow, PG wont change anything with the event and it will stay as it is :expressionless:


I don’t believe I can tolerate this event ever again. I absolutely hate it.

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