Kingdom Wars: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I started this thread so we could hopefully give PG some constructive :crossed_fingers:feedback on the new event.

If you have anything to add, please do so. Just to make it fun, if you have a negative, see if you can come up with a positive too… let’s keep this thing in balance!

I’ll start:

The good: chests are back! I’ve gotten a chest on every basic attack, and 4 chests on every super attack (no mega for me), even a few silver and gold! This is awesome! Please keep it!

The bad: starting position seems to factor into a lot into how well a team does in the event… read the post from the team in bronze that got surrounded by a one man team with a level 398 (there was a great suggestion that the vacant team spots be filled with Blackblood bases :+1:). Also, in other events you can attack the top team, which yields more points… not so here. I dunno how to fix this… just that it needs to be fixed!

The ugly: I’ve seen a lot of people talking about points in this event. They don’t scale as generously as they could. Hopefully after everyone burns their siege trade in energy it will get more reasonable. Also, bonus meter was a nice feature. I’d spend more energy in this event if I had a limited time % multiplier. And honestly, the raid button really is nice to have… even if it isn’t any cheaper. Which reminds me… why is this the only event where you can attack the same base a million times in a row?

Ok I’m done… anybody else?


Well said :sunglasses:

400 points per regular attack while costing 3 inner fires… This is by far the most blatant money grab event I’ve ever seen. Out of everything we have ever needed for any event… Inner fire is by far the hardest thing to get… I burned through 210 inner fires for 28,000 points… That’s just insane.


Yeah, that’s way too many IF for the points! Wow!

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Do we really need another thread on this?

And there’s more


Did you read my original post? The idea was to promote constructive feedback for the event… something that hasn’t been prominent in the other threads on the subject.

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Although a good idea IMO this thread is probably not worth the energy since PG does as they please. Look how they handled the Atlas roll out… It has become the seed of hate between PG, those that it and those without it. This game has become a source of angst with very little enjoyment. Holding out that things will change but I am losing faith every day.

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Looking at the movement, it’s way too slow (even slower than pits).
I wonder if it’s better if we can attack:
*Any neutral area adjacent to ours (with the capital)
*Any rival’s area adjacent to us (#1)
*Any rival’s area which is connected to us through a series of neutral areas

*Points from Rival’s area have multiplier according to their VP/h (or territories and monuments) (either flat or comparison to ours)
*Bonus meter is applicable

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I think that this event would be a lot more fun if the energy cost to take over the ordinary squares was significantly lowered and they were able to code it so that mega coins could NOT be used to conquor the ordinary tiles. That would allow a lot more freedom of movement and the potential to avoid getting boxed in.

Make it so mega coins can only be used on monuments and the event will be a lot more enjoyable. Oh, and balance the prize tiers better. If this event had a bonus meter next time, then I think the current prize tiers would be a lot more tolerable.


Agree. I spend hours and hours to grind and all i get is shit points. This event drains the F out energy.
On the other hand, unless our location is screwed up the event asks for more strategic targeting and hitting correct territories and is spread over 5 days . So even if we screw up on first day, we can recover.


Yes and I felt there was constructive stuff already there.

@OrcaFrost 1) bonus meter: yes please!
@LizDrakemoor 2) curtail mega coin use: gosh golly darn yes… and stuff!

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You do realize by highlighting the good you essentially just put a giant target on all the things they’re going to kill first right? You enjoy it? It must die.


Please check the thread I had created. I have made 6 constructive points on how it can be improved and also
critiqued why it needs to be improved…

Boring event


Link it?

I was able to claim prize of 100k points. But is there any more prize than 100k points i am not seen it. So I do not know what is there or what is the next rank prize is and how mnay points needed. ALso raid button would work, as well as teams in first place should be giving more points so it will be more better for the teams to attack the highest rank teams (similar to steal the flag event and Fighting Pits)


I disagree as you cant fight someone across the map, like you can in your referenced examples. The entire success/failure of your team in this event depends almost solely on where you get placed at the start, which is absurd.
Now, if they make it so we can conquer other team’s HQ and swap HQ by doing so, then yes. That would add a layer of complexity and fairness to the game. Teams could strategically move across the map to where the teams are that give more points. That, i could go for.


I read the guy’s post above yours and liked ut… but then I liked yours more. Moving across map WOULD be interesting :thinking:

I mean, i like the idea of this event, but it needs massive tweaking. You should get more points by attacking a team ranked higher than yours, otherwise you end up in the situation we are in, surrounded by teams in the top 5 that are duking it out and taking our measily 5 blocks, making it impossible for us to move out of the bottom 20…

Allowing teams to swap HQs and changing the point scheme would fix a lot of the issues, in my opinion.

We were up against a team that got mad because we were attacking them IN the event, by the rules, to take our territory back that they got from us, so they went outside the event and started attacking us personally! Weve put up with it comstantly this event. PG would do nothing about it, so every time we hit them in the event, they hit our bases and farmed us. Im not a fan of this event at all.