Kingdom Wars Update: Dragon Defenders Blog - Official Discussion Thread

The moment It was supposed to start?

3/3. Don’t let the streak end how! Let’s try Temple Run next. I bet if you dust off KOTH or Skirmish we can get them all done.


Thank you @PGGalileo for staying with us. Much appreciated. :kissing_heart:



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yeah Galileo need to get a big pay raise and everyone else fired


It doesn’t matter anymore. I bet they’ll cancel it again. :roll_eyes::joy:

my question is to the people who got there energy again will it be back lmao or need a refund again


Delay after delay. Stuff up after stuff up. Oh but don’t worry we will give you an apology gift that’s a fraction of what you actually lose out on when everything’s taken into consideration of what you would’ve actually gotten. Oh and if you used any rss then jokes on you cause support will just give you the old we’ve escalated to the relevant department response


I’ll need a refund, fo sho

But I have to say, this thread has been some serious comedy in the last 24 hours, lol.

:sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

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We are working on event right now, it is going to be delayed - not sure how long yet.


who just got pushed over the edge into quitting the game after this performance? :rofl:

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Fight Pits got cancelled right before it should’ve started, so we didn’t use any rss. However, during KW, I don’t think players got exactly what they used.

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In worst case… do as i said as a option…

Bring out breeding 1 week earlier with that 30% reduction ,… because we could safe 1 week more…
And give people the chance to breed out what ever was in incubator. Beside that give free XP Potions… so that people wouldnt need first 2 days for.

That way you have a event to fill the hole… where people can breed out dragon and level it to breeding level… or directly breed dragon inside a hour maybe…

Safe time for following week , where a good event can take place.


I am better suited this event to score a lot higher than last event. I can’t get what I got last event…

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Your job is awful. How much do you know? Does anyone there have even a WAG as to when you’ll be ready? Oh and consider preparing another apology gift.

It’s living up to its name. Apocalypse. :joy:


getting closer and closer to uninstalling this game let’s make it happen

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@PGGalileo I’d suggest just not doing the event at all. Give out prizes compatible to last pvp, open up Atlas PvP and start Dungeons or something (and I mentioned Dungeons bc I do miss it. It was fun but then you guys never brought it back again!).


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Ready for those dark side cookies, yet?

:wink: and you wondered why there was a position open! We love you @PGGalileo

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So uh… you guys ready for the atlas land reset?