Kingdom Wars Updates - Official Discussion Thread

Make thee thoughts known (respectfully and with civility, you pitchfork enthusiasts!)

How are we feeling about the new updates?
  • War, huh, yeah! (Good)
  • What is it good for? (Neutral)
  • Absolutely nothing! (Bad)

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In case anyone wants to listen to the song that inspired the poll:


Great song.

Like the prioritized targeting.

Just so meh on the whole dragon defenders concept.

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I really wish they would put the same amount of effort into just making a new event that they keep putting into changing this one every few months. You can keep repainting a turd whatever color that you like but it doesnt change what is. I feel like every update just makes this event more and more complicated and less appealing than it previously was

PG: We’re changing KW for the 36th time
Players: Why wont it die? Just let it die already :sob:


It is still may favorite event, though. They just keep changing the wrong things.

Need to deal with the initial/fixed placement of the capital problem, first and foremost.


They need to shoot it, burn it, then shoot the ashes and throw what’s left into a deep hole


Yeah, well, I think that about Temple Raid, Gauntlet, Fight Pits, and Atlas.

It is a miracle I’m still here.

You’re our little miracle :star_struck:


Temple Raid is the most fun pvp and they’ve made Gauntlet sooooo much better that it is now the pvp I can get the most points on for the least amount of effort and it’s at least worth using Megas on. Fight Pits is boring as hell and KW is just a boring and horrifying mess that makes me need to drink


Now, Zerooo… third time’s the charm. You’ve gvn Three Ducks already.


Lies, filthy lies. No ducks for anyone
No ducks.PNG

Edit: Also I think this is the 5th or 6th change to Kingdom Wars since they added it 100 years ago


I find it funny that you poke fun at our frustrations yet u can’t poke fun at your inability to get it right :woman_shrugging:t3::joy:


To be clear, I’m not poking fun at frustrations, I am trying to lighten the mood so we don’t devolve into a community that thrives on vitriolic complaints and negativity which are both ingredients that form the toxic cesspool of engagement that defines many online gaming communities. I don’t want that to happen here.

I take every suggestion back to the team for them to consider changes, and trust that they are working on doing their best to get it right. I do understand that folks have little faith in Kingdom Wars now, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to allow these threads to be incubators for bad moods.

I hope you understand my intentions now.

I also hope to see you around more to help contribute to positive forum community instead of seeing you once every 6 months where you join us to levy a complaint. What has been something you’ve liked about War Dragons in the past six months?


Here’s the bottom line for me - first and foremost, I don’t like playing to a clock, and secondarily, I don’t like PVE. KW I can play anytime, and PVE is mostly gone in KW after a day or so, though the change to make monuments PVE was definitely a downgrade.

How is Temple Raid fun? Too much PVE, I just want to shoot myself after running guardians 5 times. And unless your team is involved in racing for supercharge bonus, there really isn’t any PVP - just hit anyone to grind points. Doesn’t matter who.

I find it telling you consider getting “the most points on for the least amount of effort” a key discriminator. I just want fun. For me that is PVP, any time.

Fight pits actually is the purest PVP left, I just don’t like the clock. Gauntlet has the clock and only 2 minutes per round you can participate, not to mention the godawful Blackblood bases.

Oops. Am I incubating? Note, I’m a full-fledged supporter of KW.


Big words…


I have a thesaurus nearby!


I think KW is the best pvp event and still don’t understand why sooooooo many people dislike it. Anyway, these changes seem fun been experting dragons left and right for this event I’m rdy to have some fun :partying_face:


Something I like about War Dragons is when someone posts something stupid on the forums and someone else completely destroys them. :grin:


… At least it’s not Fight Pits

Tbf - I think @Casey 's underlying sentiment was valid. I’m well aware that when someone is upset about something that a chipper attitude and light-hearted banter in the same space can seem cavalier and off-putting. It’s the same reason people don’t like teacher’s pets, for example. However, I think the notion to insult me or PG is one of the many behavioral digressions that lead to a swell of internet toxicity, which is why I took the time to gently call it out and suggest an alternative method of engagement.

Also, unfortunately, my good or positive intentions are also the same tools that enable “concern trolling” and when you’re on the internet, you rarely interact with folks whose job it is to make a community more positive, and so even then… the message can get scrambled – which is a bummer.

ALSO, I think what happens sometimes is that when people are upset they feel entitled to dictate how other people should respond to that same situation… which is generally not appropriate, especially when they are not the sole focus of engagement. People deal with things in myriad different ways, and one must remain open to the inevitability that they might have to engage with someone whose disposition is different, maybe even antithetical, to our own.

For example, let’s say I’m at a grocery store that raised the prices of plantains, and that new price makes me angry - and then I look over and see a cashier having a nice conversation with someone else - it wouldn’t make sense for me to go over to that cashier and be like “WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING? CAN’T YOU SEE I’M UPSET?” – now if the cashier was talking to me, knew I was upset, and still made a joke - then I’d be more likely to say “yo, I’m not in a joking mood right now, can we talk seriously about these expensive plantains?”


Whatever college Galileo went to has got to be better than mine. These combinations of big words make my brain hurt.