KingdomCamelot - Vacant seats at the Round Table

Language: English
Time Zone: We have people from everywhere
Played time: Enough to have fun
Age Range: As long as you can see the screen
Elite Account?: If you can affort it why not ?
Dragon Roster Includes: Good ones that you love fly with
Highest Lineage Dragon: It s never one high enough

About us… Once apon a time…

In a land full of dragons, a team name KingdomCamelot, built with people willing to make that world a better place, was there to help keep peace thru the lands.

That team was devoted to help each others, train dragons and all ressources were for everyone to share between them. They were one and all had the opportunity to make a difference in this world.

After working hard thru those 6 last years, this team want to take over a new challenge to go and now conquer a new world name Atlas. Unfortunatly, some members are not able to leave family behind and some other are getting too old now for that long trip.

We are now reaching to you to see if you would like to join us in this new journey, with you this team will get stronger and all together we should win.

We are a S3 team with Atlas and some castles, good daily rewards. We have 5/5 Quest and 8/8 Event as requirement.

Become a Knight of the round table, join us


Strongly don’t recommend this team. For soooo many reasons.


Please elaborate just curious.