Kingdoms event stole 28k points

We were hitting a hex for a long time and about to conquer it, having done 28k damage. I exited out after a run and checked our points to see how close we were and our progress had been reset to zero.

Relaunched and it’s still wrong. ticket filed, but watch out for this one, folks.

Did it got conquer by another team? it resets if some1 conquers it

Simple , an other team dropped a few megas on it an took it before you finishd it

I’m going to guess it had 30k health, and if thats true then it’s likely another team, as said above, droped a few megas and stole it because if it had 30k health you are a pretty high league full of spenders


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It was it cso nquered by anyone. One other team had a very small number of points on it. Our points just vanished entirely.

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