Kingpin event gone?

Just read in another post that the Kingpin event is no more. Could not find the announcement. Can anyone confirm? Thanks!

PG decided it‘s much more adventurous to surprise customers with changes rather than announcing them.

Sort of like saying lvl4 and 5 castles come with infrastructure but then they don‘t because why give us anything for free, that would be ridiculous.

Or like saying they remove the bazaar for a chest system but then we can keep it (this is a positive, yay!).


That’s too bad… I finally maxed it last time. Kingpin gave great glory, awesome amounts of shards, and if you bought the pack to double your points, made troop losses almost bearable.

I was going to save up troops for this event. Without kingpin event I’m not even trying to finish an Atlas branch.

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Why would they get rid of such a well-loved event? I guess the same reason they got rid of the raid button and the bonus meter??


Cause it’s not in there’s wallet favour. And it’s good tactic to draw customers at the beginning and screw them over time

Maxing that event 2x in a season would go far in finishing a branch… guess they want it to be harder.

I’ll tell you what I won’t be doing: spending rubies on Atlas or Atlas season chests… the prizes are just a drop in the bucket compared to gold chests. They even make runic chests look good. Almost. Ok, not really, but you know what I’m saying. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@Gox1201, can you tell where you got the info from that the event will not return? For many less active players it was a good source for GP and there was increment revenues for PG from the boost so can’t see why this would be a loss making event for PG.

Mostly because pvp is being taken over by the atlas season.

Thus all the pvp events would be considered both double rewarding (double dipping rewards), but also incredibly time consuming in general (since the atlas pvp season is similar to being in events constantly)

So likely during pvp normal events atlas will be largely bubbled, and thus the pve atlas cycle will probably continue

Is it me that i dont get it or the replies are vague :thinking:

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Some players in this game spend heaps of time reading and studying. Sometimes they successfully deduce what’s coming, however, PG is always a wild card.

I know how your feeling, but I wouldn’t use the word Vague.
I’d say that these replies are lined with uncertainty.

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We double dip outside of atlas, event prizes/season lines. Hoping they would let the same in atlas

I don’t understand what you mean by double dipping. Maybe I’m missing something? :sweat_smile:
We are currently in an event which earns prizes for getting glory, which would be on top of any prizes we get for the season from our glory earned at the moment. So they are clearly ok with double dipping in that sense. And the Kingpin event always allowed for people to get points from hitting real opponents in addition to or instead of the Kingpins if they so chose, so I’m not sure why that event would be a problem?
Just trying to understand the issue…

The fact that the event ran probably has more to do with preloaded event cycle automation than deliberate intent.

So assume they want players to get 10A amount of rewards per finite amount spent (say per 100k troops or equivalent ruby amount) averaged per timespan (lets say 1 month)

This could previously be achieved by doing 2 pvp (3.5A each) events and 2 pve events (1.5A each)

Now the atlas season provides say 7A of the 10A amount of rewards per month averaged for the same 100k troops. The pve events still provide 3A rewards…

So if pg still ran the pvp events it would give you an additional 7A a month - aka double rewarding you. So now over a month you would get 17A rewards.

I find it extremely unlikely that PG would suddenly decide to give out an extra 70% rewards per month for free

So either they will drop pvp events (easy) or nerf the daylights out of pve pvp and season atlas rewards so the combined total is no higher.

The reason the last is unlikely is because when rewards are lower, ppl dont partake (the perceived cost of loss of troops vs rewards are too high)

@PGEggToken @PGCrisis @PGDave
Can we get an answer on this? This would be really disappointing to a lot of people. :frowning:
Has the Kingpin event been discontinued permanently?


The KingPin event made no real sense. It seemed like a bandaid but then the solution isnt to not fix the original wound either.

good thing they spent all that time changing the look of kingpins for one event if they are getting rid of it. would seem like typical pg logic


It’s why shit is so expensive haha. Gotta offset that cost :sweat_smile:

Same for the map on water with towers on ships.

It was a nice idea but it was hard to play with the environment being much more far away from your dragon.

I second that request. It would be nice to be able to get some glory without antagonizing other players, or getting completely crushed.

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@Renegat2 Kingpin was disabled along with the other glory events when Atlas seasons debuted. As has been discussed in this thread, it had some advantages and I’d like to find a way to continue to run it from time to time – pgEcho has been designing a much more fun version that we’ll be able to run more often as well (or at least that’s the intent). Too early to share more yet, but we’re working on it …

fwiw, here’s the quote from the original post announcing the pausing of glory events (it was quite a long post, I admit, and didn’t mention kingpin by name … sorry for the confusion) –