Kingpin Event - No poachers after reset

Is there a problem? We don’t see any poachers after reset.

yup… no respawn

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Can anyone give a hint where the Kingpins are hiding? In the invisible poachers? @PGJared help!

Not a word from the devs yet anywhere lol. Well done pg you guys rock.

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They’re only just getting into the office though, it’s 8:30am their time.

So you mean they just let their game run unnattended for hours at a time? I doubt it lol

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The team has already been alerted to the issue. @Lutrus is correct that most people are just starting to get to the office b/c we’re on Pacific Time.

Is anyone really surprised that pgs new event isn’t working? And that they left it not working for hours upon hours?

Yeah right , they hide themselfs

This should be resolved shortly. The event has been extended by 11 hours to account for this

We don’t want an event extension, we want an “oops sorry” gift box :grinning:

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