Kingpin event question

So this is my first kingpin event. When you lose troops by attacking poachers there aren’t any that go to be revived. Is this normal? If so, seems like PvP is still way better for gp…

Yes, that’s normal.

In a sense, those troops are sacrificed for extremely easy rider and primarch glory. Usefulness of this event really just depends on how you play/amount of troops you have.

Ok then. Thx for the reply!

Plus you get prizes

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And you dont start worldwar3 by accident.

Not a lot of teams take kindly to being poked


This isn’t a great event for the new teams; we simply can’t afford to lose troops. This also means mines are the only viable option for gold and xp in atlas. For some players just learning atlas this is confusing since the poachers don’t look any different than normal.

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