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If the prizes contained 12 hour clocks instead of 1 hour ones, I’d have bought the point booster pack. I think just about everyone else would too.


Well, multiplying any event’s prizes by 12 would make them very highly regarded I’m sure – but highly unbalanced too.

You can get ~40hr of clocks for a day’s worth ships (more if you own some territory) with elite, and there’s over 200 days of clocks in total. This is far more than before, even though the prize tiers are unchanged and with the event elite status you can earn points twice as fast. Everyone will have to make their own decision about what works for them (and it’s probably best that there’s a diversity of choices), but I hope many more will find it much more worthwhile than before.

If there werent 50 portals in a very small area, all overlapping and causing MASSIVE LAG and making it impossible to zoom or move, I might give this event a shot.

But since the deployment of portals has been entirely botched, I consider this event an epic fail. It took me 5 minutes to be able to find and use the portal to get home.

50 portals? I assume you’re exaggerating some, but would you mind PM’ing me where you are in the world? Normally there shouldn’t be more than ~5 portals per NML. If the portals are confusing, you might farm poachers in your territory and in nearby enemy territory – easy was to get home, and easy way to get backup!

Dysilania A0 is where it took me.
I cannot move the map since the area it took me too is beyond the normal borders.

It moves me to normal boundaries, and my primarch is off screen. I can tap the yellow circle and get to him, but I cannot drag the map to get to him.

I see no poachers I can hit. Area is controlled by Gustav.

Portal out of Clemo leads to gustav land, but with less portals. Can’t move, tho, can’t attack the one poacher there.

Seems I don’t need to use portals - all poachers are kingpins?

Personally I see those dead end portals as a good thing. No enemies can come from there lol. But can we tone down the portal visuals? It’s very cluttered the way it is now with a circle on the ground AND a floating glowy ball. I’d say remove the floaty ball since I think the floating is what makes it hard to tap the right portal and just leave the ground circle. Tall objects in general should probably be avoided cause they obscure things

I’m having a similar issue. My portals all take me to Rysilla which is a place that’s not unlocked apparently and when you try to zoom or move around, the shit goes nuts. It was neigh impossible to get my primarch back and took me like 15 minutes to do it. I’ll try to upload a video. So I have no idea how to even do the event because per usual, the events and execution are extremely lacking.

We’ll look into the weirdness with the portals. To do the event, attack poachers. For more info, check out the “Details” page on each poacher. There’s also a lot more text if you click the “(i) tap to learn more” on the event page. Not sure if that helps any … if not, maybe you could explain your understanding of the event to me and then we could go from there.

Only 5 portals you say?


250 troops lost, 500 killed, 658 GP as I recall. I had 16k troops on me and 5 flamed the base. I do better doing swaps.

Now if the prizes weren’t so abysmal, that’d be different. But double digit shard counts when crafting takes 4+ digit shard counts just isn’t cutting it for me. Neither is the scroll count.

The elite thing will get me 2x pts for the event, but I’m not paying $10 for double garbage points/prizes. In fact, I’m done with the event. It’s not worth playing IMO.

Haha, yes – there shouldn’t be more than ~5. I assume those aren’t a bunch of team portals you all created … we’ll look into why the portals aren’t distributed like they should be. That looks like quite the nightmare to find your way home through indeed.

That’s nml area. So far kingpin event prizes aren’t that great either. When are egg tokens supposed to begin showing up as previously discussed?

The event has potential. However, the amount of troop loss (and not being able to revive them) makes it unattractive. The rewards arent eyepopping enough to warrant losing so many troops. To makes the event rewards, you will need to waste roughly 200k troops. I could be off in the math but you get 1 point for 1 glory. You lose 50% troops for glory earned. So for 1000 glory, you lose 500 troops. Anyway im rambling.
Heres what i suggest. Either lower the troop loss, or make some of the troops able to be revived. Can be small. Say 10%-15%. Its nothing big but at least its not a total loss…


Team portals are orange. So not theirs and can’t put them in nml anyways

No Rider Glory points for killing Kingpins?

Riders DO get glory points when you attack the Kingpin/poacher. The glory icon will be shown on the battle results screen, though the rider will not currently show up due to a visual glitch. You can check your rider’s glory before and after battle and you will see that you do get the glory. We’ll have a patch for the visual glitch in 4.00. Whew, scared me for a moment …

@Shimo You’re totally right. Hopefully we’ll be able to hot fix it. Someone is working on it now.

@IIIRogueIII Thanks for the feedback. With elite you can double your points too – so you not only get glory (which is pretty valuable) but also more prizes for your effort. The lack of revive enables the glory rewards to be higher … but if that’s not your cup of tea, you can do PvP instead! You get the normal ~67% revive rates in PvP during this event, and glory counts for points no matter how you earn it! (And the Atlas Kingpin Elite doubles points from all sources too … including PvP).

I would just like to be able to see and purchase the elite. I have swiped a groove in my ipad quitting and restarting the app.

Yet unobtainable for most who play in atlas

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Weird, it shows up as third in my list of packs in the store (no scrolling). @pgEcho is going to help look into why you don’t see it.

@PGDave I’ve opened a ticket in-game, #484864. My riders gained glory at first (checked & was able to train), but after a server resync, they both lost all glory. Teammates have reported the same issue.

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