Kingpin feedback


Always get a data sync error when levelling up riders and you lose their gp gained… opening a ticket in a bit.

@PGDave Ticket #484942


Same Data Sync error

Also, with no revive on troops this will destroy our armies and the prizes are not worth it.
Makes no tactical sense to do this event.


Hmm, I see the same thing with riders now. EDIT: This is separate from than the visual glitch … but something it appears we can patch soon. Fix in progress.

You can always fight players for points and glory too, if you don’t like the bonus glory + no revive on the kingpins … choices are good!


Understood, we can do that. But this event is very “unattractive” add being able to revive troops and it would be doable… otherwise we are literally killing ourselves for some clocks and minimal RSS.


Yeah, it might be best to kill your enemies – if you wanted to take their land anyway, then this helps sweeten the pot. Just killing troops for the sake of prizes is less attractive.


I have the same issue. I gained a lot of glory initially but then it all disappeared. I have a ticket in (#484850) but support is basically telling me to wait and it will reappear. Lol


I linked PGDave’s post above this one as a pre-emptive measure for the default response that isn’t useful :see_no_evil:


@PGDave, can you clarify what we get with Elite Kingpin? It’s really unclear. When you say it doubles points- is that just event points or glory points for primarchs and riders, too?


Will the patch include restoration of the missing glory, or how will that be handled?


Elite doubles event points only, so wether you attack a kingpen(poacher) or another player you get double points event points, not double glory.


If that’s the case- then it’s not worth it. The only reason to participate is for the glory. The event rewards are peanuts.


@Mrtheplague could you screenshot the value packs you see in your store and PM to me?


@forScience Yes, the missing glory will be credited (later, it will take some time to work out). Glory should now stick now once it is earned from king poachers (hot fix live as of 8min ago).


So any poachers? The answer I’ve discovered is yes, any. But it’s unclear initially if it’s special poachers and the portals that showed up doesn’t help as their presence implies that you must travel through them to hit kingpin poachers. You can travel through the to do so but you don’t have to. If the instructions were clearer, it would help.

Next, when are victory points earned? The poachers keep saying 11 to defeat. Or are we waiting for the time to escape to reach zero? This is unclear. Or do I have to beat the 11th army of the poacher? Or do 11 of us have to beat the 11th army? I’m still working through, finished 8.

The lack of complete detail makes it a rather confusing event, per usual with this stuff.


Are all poachers supposed to be Kingpins now? I just attacked one in our area and got no glory from it. Was just like a regular poacher. How can I tell the difference?


Yeah, the poachers will be replaced with “Kingpin” art next time. But I wanted to get the beta out sooner so we could make additional revisions based on feedback sooner (e.g., prizing, other clarity issues, balance issues, …). The “11 to defeat” is a red herring; it doesn’t apply during the event (and will not be shown next time).

Every poacher has 10 armies (per player). Once you defeat them all, you’ll have to find another poacher/kingpin to beat up.

Sorry for the confusion.


Ok, I just hit another one. This time in No Man’s Land. I’m pretty sure this one was supposed to be a Kingpin and I had never hit it before. I got no glory, lost no troops, etc… just got gold.
Do we have a limit on the number of Kingpin hits we can do in a day? Like, when we finish our multipliers are we locked out or something??
Or do I need to put a ticket in?


The elite isnt that bad. Get 20 of those bazaar tokens, a gold chest, and some clocks. Double points all weekend. Will last longer than the royal strawberry cheesecake blizzard im eating right now for $6


The glory may not show up in the battle result (fixing that was going to take longer, and it seemed better to get the glory fix out asap), but you will get it now – check out your rider and primarchs before and after.


Ok. 10 armies. Cool. It just doesn’t say that. So I’ve defeated it 10 times now. Now the count is from 11 to 10. Does that mean each 11 of us have to do it for 10 times? If I’m the only one that gets to 10, are any VP earned? We are hitting the poacher on our territory.