Kingpin feedback


Thanks- it looks like I did gain some glory there. I will assume it is working then.
Hopefully Support will be able to eventually add back the thousands of GP that were initially lost from my rider. I’m sure it’s going to be tough if they have to fix each person individually.
We’ll try to be patient. :grin:


Check out the “Details” page on the poacher/kingpin. It tells you which army you are on (or if you’ve finished them all). It also has a scoreboard that shows how much glory each team has earned – and how much VP the team will earn if they maintain their current standing at that poacher/kingpin. The team with the most glory won at a kingpin will be ranked highest. Teams get additional VP based on how long they “control” the kingpin (whoever last defeated a kingpin army controls it).


I plan to automatically comb the logs during the 2h33m that poachers weren’t paying out rider glory and crediting it. It will take some time for us to implement that, but I expect it will be done within 24hr. I’ll provide an update when it has been done.


Fantastic! thanks so much!

PS You rock…


I’m having a similar issue to the above post Dave.
I went to NML, hit that poacher 3 times, each time I received glory (on battle final screen and confirmed in leveling screen) and I also lost troops, which I double checked on my primarch as well.

Now I’m at home on my territory and have hit my poacher here 3 times and got 0 glory and 0 troop loss for all 3 hits. Poacher is still showing as alive and attackable, showing my team has killed 80% and another team has killed 1.6%.


Are you sure you aren’t losing troops (and gaining glory)? The last activity I see on your account was ~15m before your post and you killed a poacher, got 530 glory and lost 200 troops with Zaru leading the charge.


So when are VP awarded? I think that will solve the lost in translation. I’m getting PMs in game and Line and a GroupMe from people that still do t understand what you’re telling me. They’re looking at this post and they’re like “what is Dave saying?”


VP is awarded when the kingpin expires (6hr from spawn). It’s a bit like tug of war in that way – teams fight to earn the most glory at a poacher, and when the “round” ends the VP is awarded and a new round starts. Does that help any?


That helps a lot. That part isn’t communicated that I can find


Oops. I’m adding this blurb to the detailed description now (suggestions welcome, it’s a hurried pass):

Team points (VP) are earned when a Kingpin runs away (~6hr after it spawns). Earn more glory and control the Kingpin for longer than other teams to earn more VP. (Whichever team most recently defeated the Kingpin’s army will be in control.) Kingpins in higher level regions award more VP.


Team A holds it for five hours. Team B holds it for one hour and is the last to control it. Do both teams get VP? Seems like a yes. It’s the parenthesized control part that’s throwing me off. Does it matter who controls it at the end of the round (e.g. bonus points)? And does VP grow for consecutive duration held or 1m = x VP?

Probably getting to much into the detail :see_no_evil:


Should it/can it be escapes? Since in game the timer is right next to “escapes in”:


@forScience Yes, both teams would get VP. Only so many teams can get VP from a given poacher – you’ll notice that VP=0 if you start having a lot of teams compete for a single poacher. The maximum number is higher for higher level poachers.

@Lutrus Yes, you can think of the Kingpin escaping as being the “end of the round” when VP gets handed out. (A new Kingpin will respawn very shortly thereafter … I don’t know if players noticed, but I recently eliminated spawn times for poachers so they can be attacked immediately after they spawn … no more waiting!).

PROPOSAL - Atlas Event: King (of the Hill) Poachers

Problem solved :joy: had some serious lag issues over here! Thanks Dave :kissing_heart:


Anyone else had all poachers disappear? None on my map anywhere now ?


Yes. Came here to post that. After they “escaped” ~6 hours after spawn. They have not reappeared @pgDave


I was just told they come back when round 2 starts maybe ? Not sure how long between rounds tho ?


Yes, they are not respawning @PGDave. Is this intentional? There are none on the world map anywhere that I can see?


Came for the same question. I do see poachers in areas that had none earlier. I’m wondering if it’s on a spawn rotation… these will be in Zones ABC for 6 hours and then the next 6 hours they’ll be in zones XYZ…


Same issue. No poachers/kingpins anywhere. Hard to participate in an event with nothing to attack.