Kingpin feedback


Almost 6 hours without poachers anywhere what’s up with this event ?


Yes I was thinking the same thing since 8am my time not seen any poachers and anyone no what kharynx fires are ?


They give extra points if you can find a kingpin anywhere.


All new “portals” which appeared in our area go to the same destination area … Empire
Really working as designed?


This event was discussed with the management of the team I am on and based on the inability to revive troops and the crap prizes, we have instructed our team to sit this event out. It just is not worth it for the vast majority of the teams. wasting troops on these kingpins will only open us up to any long established beta team to roll through us as soon as the event ends.


I have to say that I really like the ability to finally get some decent glory for my rider. But the trade-off for not being able to revive troops is a really steep price to pay and most in my team are finding it not worth it for the reasons Odie has mentioned above. I think a compromise (reduced amount available to revive) would make this a viable and popular event.


I lost all of the GP that my riders had earned from the event when I tried to upgrade them. I put a ticket in but have received nothing but crickets from support. Ticket #484862 @PGJared


Sooooo Where are the kingpins at? This post was 11 hours ago.


I scrolled around and checked about 50 regions and saw two Kingpin poachers lol


The kingpins should be back shortly. The event has been extended by 11 hours to account for their disappearance.


@PGDave A lot of the feedback is that people don’t like that they lose troops for hitting the kingpins. Joe I get your point about higher glory means no troop revives. What if you met us halfway with something like a siege engine in KOTH.

Rare Shield - 10% troops revived; 1 battle
Epic shield - 20% troops revived; 2 battles
Legendary - 75% troops revived; 3 battles

Make them obtainable via the Bazaar in interesting quantities. So the rare shield would have something like 5, epic 3 Legendary 1. This would promote spending and give us the chance to regain troops and help off set the higher GP. Plus it brings a bit of strategy as you’d only want to use them during certain parts of the kingpin.


Thanks for the suggestion. The existing Kharnyx Fire kind of takes your idea to an extreme, right? – 100% troops revived (i.e., you lose no troops and have no revive costs to pay). Maybe if Kharnyx Fire prove popular we should add some other flavors of shields like you suggest. (I don’t have the numbers yet, much too early.)


Short feedback.


We get glory for riders and primarchs


Event rewards are below expectations. No player who doesn’t spend will get that 200 days worth of timers.

You could add 3000 x 12 hours in a 4 million prize tier and tell us there are 1500 days worth of timers but too bad no one will get that prize but hey it’s there.

Fail try again


I don’t know anyone period that has any of that fire. So I assumed it didn’t actually exist.


@Warlord I agree that total possible prizes aren’t the best metric – though it is somewhat useful because clocks are spread evenly throughout the prizes, so you could in theory take (total clocks / max point threshold) to figure out how many clocks you get per point (same rate regardless of the number of points you score). The more relevant metric was possibly that you can earn ~40hr of clocks per day of troops you’ve built (assuming you own no territory but play hard … can adjust from there).


They should show up in the Trading Bazaar – I got lucky and got a few in my game, though mostly I’m attacking like everyone else. We should probably put some in a Value Pack too for next time to make them more accessible. But attacking is pretty good too – you get the loot as well as the glory if you put in the hard work to attack.


I’ve gotten around 1000 across two days of bazaar pulls using keystones.


Speaking of Kharnyx Fire… What the heck is it? What does it do and how do I use it?
I haven’t won any yet so I haven’t gotten to try it. If I use 300 fire will that save 300 troops from being killed?
Do I have to actively apply Kharnyx fire like a siege weapon or inner fire or is it automatically used whenever I attack no matter what I do (if I have some)? If the former, what happens if I apply more fire than needed to save the troops on a particular hit? Do I lose the excess?


It’ll show up on the screen and is used in place of troops, though I’m not sure which primarch it awards glory to or if it gives any riders glory. There’s no option to combo troops + fire. I’d you don’t have enough, you have to spend rubies.


@PGDave we found an interesting yet quite devastating glitch that suddenly popped up. I sent you a PM regarding it. This one might boggle your brain :yum: