Kingpin feedback


Only the exact number of Kharnyx Fire you need to kill the guards will be used.


Will glory still be earned? And to which primarch?


Glory will go to whichever Primarch is at the Poacher. (Riders do not get glory unless they are explicitly used.)


FWIW: the message sent out for updates can’t be closed and needs the game to be force closes on iOS. (And then the atlas button is gone)

A few of my team members are freaking out because the atlas icon is missing… lol

Attached screenshot


It’s PG fixing the troops missing


Great job on quickly handling and messaging the emergency PG.

On a separate topic I had a thought on this event. During breeding events your egg token missions double in value. During building events I believe lumber production is increased.

What if during the kingpin event hats regen at a faster rate so you can choose between spending increased gold on primarch or recovering some losses. (Or maybe that would be more appropriate for a training event)


I haven’t said anything because I don’t want it changed in case it’s a glitch but Poachers are paying out a Lot more gold than usual.


Kingpins pay out double gold during the event … enjoy!


I noticed they stop paying out gold after the 4rh or 5th round. Is this correct?


Just wanted say thanks for a good event and the double gold, that was a really nice surprise. Yes it cost me about 30k troops but the glory payout for primarchs and riders was worth it imo. So thanks PG for a good event, its nice for a change.


Double gold would start at 300K for the first run. I am only getting 200K is that a glitch?


I agree it’s not double gold per hit. It seems to be roughly double from total hits though.

For example after 30 multipliers I still get 150k, and it seems to Peter-off roughly around double the sum total of gold.

I have not figured out what mechanism is happening yet. Details seemed to show old data but gold definitely flows much better.

It has also resulted in farming accidentally finding gold. Found two people with over a 1m each by just farming for food in matchmaking.


Just curious are you counting whatever your tax rate is set it. That could be the difference in the gold you are getting.


@PGDave i want to compliment this weeks Event so far. i bought the Atlas Elite Pack and i can max the event if i want to spend another 15-20k ships.
so far it was a pain to get GP for a rusher for example. i did a very big GP jump on him and also XXX k Rider XP in total with a small amount of troops. at bloodlust event i would have to kill min. 5-8 times the amount of ships i did now.
okay - at real bases i would be able to repair. but it would take me way more time and i would need to 5 flame all targets.
heads up for this Event.
hope to see it again


@PGDave I found myself explaining to teammates a lot about the poacher not being a poacher. I understand you hope to resolve this when the graphics for the kingpin change, but it would be really helpful if an attack with just 1 troop had a yield of nothing. No G, no points, and no set a primarch free.

Many people log in and attack without reading, then come to chat to ask why their primarch died. Officers end up the ones explaining your event in team chat 5 times a day.


Send a team message prior to start. :man_shrugging:t2:

We do that every event


I send messages, PG sends messages, the event has info tabs, it’s all there for teammates to read, but they don’t. If you’ve got the secret to getting everyone to read before they do anything else, please let me know :smile:


I believe warlord cracks his whip daily… :joy:


I do :rofl::sushing_face:

Only way to get out of the “herding cats” routine.

Nah the team is really mature and they usually follow the instructions we give.

We might have from time to time some lazy fuckers but then I polish my :mans_shoe:


Talking about cats here… he uses laser pointers! That’s the secret.