Kingpin feedback


:thinking: This could work


Now that’s skill :joy:


Called a foot in the ass :joy: either read or find a new team


This kingpin event was better than expected. The glory gained almost made it worth the troops losses, almost.

i still think adding bullhorns in the event prizes would have made it a much less cringe-worthy affair… more players would have bought the elite karynx packs and there would have been significantly greater event participation overall.

Image an event where players can’t wait to play!


I think the event was good, Glory for both Primarch and rider. Though I agree we could have got Bullhorn in prizes a good incentive.


yeah I agree jay even if it was just a few between event prizes as a well done rebuild and hit again rather then just losing but not the worst beta event we have we’ll done PG :+1:


I liked it… it was very good for my smaller accounts as they have trouble getting good g points… nice job. :+1:


It was probably a lot worse for smaller accounts than really big accounts

Lets say you had 11k troops and a level 1 prime
Now you gave 1000 troops and a level 2 prime

You get attacked by someone with 5k troops

What will happen hmm? Do you think that extra 6 defense rating is going to help? Ok great you kill maybe 10 extra troops of the attacker - you’re still dead.

You can escalate this up all the way and down. Unless you had 80k troops as pocket change, you are worse off having hit the kingpins than if you just sat it out


That said, smaller accounts (mine is level 56) have a much harder time finding PVP action to level up our Primarchs without bothering the higher level teammates to back us. For me, trading some troops for both rider XP and Primarch GP was worth it.

Particularly for players who did not have their Fighter to level 5 yet, I thought this provided a good opportunity to get to a position to help their team, between the GP and the extra gold so when they did hit level 5, they had the gold to research a bronze tier Primarch or two.


Gox, I burned about 6K troops and took my primarch to level 5 so i could research a specialty. I’ve been building troops only since release and the occasional battle. In one night I got the GP that I hadn’t gotten in over a month of Atlas access. It wasn’t the best event, big picture wise. But honestly, for smaller players that are limited in what they can do or what their team will let them do, it gives them a chance to see part of what Atlas battles are. Getting a better idea of troop loss and effects and how GP are gained for Primarch and Rider.


@PGDave I really liked this event. It gave me the chance to use the troops I had built and gain GP for my primarch and riders unlike I had been able to do up to this point. Honestly it would have taken weeks to get the amount of GP I got. Not being able to revive the troops seems like a small price to pay.

One thing I will say is that I think that gold payout should match what was being paid out on kingpins as a normal function of the game. There really is not enough gold flowing in the game right now in my opinion.


Thanks I honestly forgot about fighter primes. i can totally see that it would be worth it to just get rid of those.

I have a different way I levelled those so didnt cross my mind that players still had those. So I should say that after unlocking the normal primes, the event is bad for smaller players for long term progress


I disagree on big accounts also. I burned almost 20k troop on this event and got almost 30k xp on my Seiger and 30k on my destroyer and not to forget almost 50k of rider xp so I found this event a risk free xp gain with ships loss which I can live as I can build that much ship back in20 days.



Ratio was 1:2.6

Aka if you lost 10 000 you gained 26k gp and rider gp on 1 rider

And you are down 10k troops

If you did the same 10k on normal pvp, revived and attacked again until that 10k was lost

You would have gotten 38k gp for prime and 1 rider if attacker, and if defender 42k gp for prime and up to 3 riders depending on perches.

So you are worse off than if you did normal pvp


Yes agreed, but my concern is risk.

Attacking has a lot of risk attached, supposedly if defended you loose more ships as you have to use more dragons, and in the meantime the team attacks you back before you complete ur run it’s gone. Attacking in PvP is more exciting and riskier.

I just wanted to merit this event for what it gave all a decent chance of getting primarch and rider xp.


Gox what way did you use to level your fighters?


And it will have drained an extra 2 weeks of your life. The game is already a life drain. This event reduced that marginally.


Definitely. I’m just waiting for the posts where ppl moan about the vastly more troops other teams have…


MOAN other teams have vastly more troops :face_with_head_bandage::weary:


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