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You asked for it :joy:


Atops, why take take umbrage after being called to account for making fun of another in the forum?
As you ‘seem’ to have forgotten why, there’s your post that earned you the label I gave you.


You’ve whined about this little joke in 5 separate threads. 6 comments total if you include the one that got flagged as inappropriate.

Gox made a post about people moaning about troops, you made a post moaning about troops, all I did was connect the dots. Give it a rest mate.


You truly are a clever fellow. Wear your red wig with pride.


Not sure if this has been said already:

I found the Kharnyx Fire rather underwhelming, didn’t expect it to be an easy click-to-win item that doesn‘t even let you fly.

My main goal is leveling my riders because that‘s the only thing which will slightly help in the core game. Sadly KF doesn‘t let you fly so you won‘t get any GP for your rider.

Would it be possible to make KF like IF?
You would ofc drop less in the bazaar and the ones people have leftover need to be scaled down.
We could then equip it just like IF on our dragon, actually fly and burn down the bases and then get a major GP boost for our primarch and dragon rider while also protecting our troops.

What do you think @PGDave ?


To add on to this idea, could the KF be used incrementally to protect some of your troops?

So say for example, you’re going up against 1000 troops on the kingpin, and it costs 1000 KF to complete it without troops (I know the KF required would be more than 1000, but nice round numbers for this example). I only have 500 KF, which normally wouldn’t affect anything, but (using the IF idea) I could equip the 500 KF I have and the KF would prevent half my troop loss, thus, instead of losing 500 troops, I would lose 250 troops and 500 KF.


I huess in this case they would have to recode the KF into some sort of energy where you can choose the amount you want to use?
Or make the KF button take you into the attack screen?
Because it would be a coding nightmare to make it possible to equip any amount bigger than 1 KF to your dragon as an add on spell.


It doesn’t have to be complicated; it would just use however many KF you have left up to the shown amount, so if it required 1000 KF and you only had 632 KF, it would use all 632 of the KF if you equipped it on your dragon. If you had more than 1000, it’d only use the required amount.


@PGDave I really enjoyed this kingpin poachers event. When will you do it again? I know we are coming up to a PVP in atlas… Please :pray:


Thanks, I think it got off to a rough start but I saw a lot of positive feedback here as it drew to a conclusion. We’ll definitely run it again – it’s slated to run again in 6 weeks, and will have custom art for the Kingpins and more.


Yay!! Thank you


Has it been six weeks yet ? Trying to wait patiently. But it’s tough. Lol


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