Kinnarus - Changes made this dragon too powerful

Hi Dragon Lords … is it just me or is everyone else finding that the dodo and combined seemingly unlimited invincibility spell on kinnarus has given this dragon attack abilities way beyond all other dragons.
We all try and keep the best defences for our bases, but in lieu of sacrificing my base to other dragons and putting cannons in to break the kinnarus shield , I am finding way lower players being able to beat my base.
Either the dodo must be made to be able to be defrayed or the invincibility shield needs to be shorter and take more rage to activate.
At the moment … I feel like a one legged man in a race against Kinnarus … not seeming to be a fair fight.
Everyone’s thoughts would be appreciated … Yes … I didn’t get Kinnarus … but would still feel the same way if I did have him.

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  1. Rage Drain Island - make one
  2. Remember to build a strong short base, not a long base.
  3. Kinnarus is far from OP, sorry. No nerfing needed.

I also have Kinnarus Glitches lately.
Even after I shot down Kinnarus, Summommed DoDo still alive and Destroyed all of my Base.
Already reported too.
Here is the Replay Link


As red said, build rage drain island. Then your kill island should be:
Blue flak
Ice Storm

That will kill every kinnarus and other dragons that come for you.

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Thanks for the input … have the rage drain island, short base and kill island … level 44 flax blue,red,fire and storm. They get smashed.

The rage drain island is a fail if there is no defender. :face_with_monocle:

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True … the dodo with Kinnarus weakens all towers enabling a one swipe attack to finish them off. My rage drain island has a level 35 cannon to smash the shield … this sometimes works depending on the level of Kinnarus. Super shot doesn’t go off quickly enough on higher level dragons.

Bases should be set up assuming you have a defender in my opinion. Most bases are weak undefended unless you attack 200 level higher than you.

Eco … wow … that was frustrating watching your base go down like that … great video… thanks for that … something needs to be looked into.


I have 0 issue taking down Kinnarus on any of my bases (166, 273, 325) unless it’s an Emerald on my 166 but that’s power, not skill or a good dragon.


Agreed. Kin isn’t much of an issue.

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O I am laffin


Why a cannon on mage drain island? How is Kinn shielding through it? And if they are, who cares about breaking the shield anyways lol they just drained 2 of their rage for you? Am I missing something?

I agree, but if there aren’t any blues on the drain, just red, you can use shield to block the reds.

If you look, the reds still hit you and Pause your rage regen, but it doesn’t actually take away rage.

So 2 rage shield vs getting hit by 2-3 reds is by far superior. However, a simpler fix is to put a blue there lol

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I actually didn’t know that about shields blocking red mage :thinking: But yeah. Blue lol

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Omg this replay is amazing!

They nerfed sage for no reason other than people complaining, so I hope with people complaining more they will nerf that dragon too

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Kinn is a strong dragon… undefended, but she can’t do crap on a good base defended (unless you’re way to strong for the base you’re attacking)

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Like Red said if you’re getting waxed by Kinn and it’s not one that is just way above your pay-grade winning on raw power, your base is not good. I have Kinn and yeah she’s great vs bad bases but other than that you have to really look to find someone you can hit (aka with a weakness somewhere like missing a mage tower. At level 90 I’ve taken down platinum Kinns if I’m defending, so don’t see the need to make her worse. Something is off with your defense it sounds like.