Kinnarus! When is she coming back!

Please can someone tell me when she is coming back. I can level her up three times over but need the green evolution stones. Thanks everyone!!!

She isn’t. Divines are only available for a limited amount of time.

Unfortuntely Kinnarus or any other divine dragons will not comeback again. So for this season work hard to complete at least one divine dragon.

Ok thanks guys!!! That hurts my heart a little but all good!!!



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Sorry, but PG said that old divines are never coming back. So try to get a different divine.

Please never…she’s so annoying…glad I didn’t get her as she is a crux.

She’s my XP queen

Sorry, she’s not coming back and neither are her stones so kiss Kinarrus goodbye in the future sooner or later!

Lol yea that’s about the only reason I want her. Not bad for rss runs either.

pretty sure “she” is a “he”.

It’s description says it has the power to create life, that and it’s pink wearing a tiara. Pretty sure she’s a she

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