KinSlayerDager, Gold I Team looking for active members

SUPORTIVE AND HELPFUL TEAM Looking for great teammates

**Looking for 4 more, active to very active members!
– KinSlayerDager - Gold I Anger Vladimirs

Language: English
Time Zone: Any
Age Range: 18+ however we are a more mature team
Elite Account?: not required
We are a team that is very helpful and encouraging. We communicate constantly and encourage all teammates to do so also. We are alway there to help, weather with rss, XP’s, event helps, and war support.
We require; ALL war participation. Even participation. Kindness towards fellow teammates and other teams.
I hope that we can welcome you to Kinslayer Dagger, home of the Dragonmount. Where you will find the information to grow quickly, have a strong defence, and answers to questions you may have.

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