Kirin disappeared!

Won kirin in the winteride season. Used it once… Now it’s gone??? What the heck?

Have you filed a support ticket?

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You clicked the"hardcore" mode button? :blush:

Lololol Valentine’s Day is over

Rollback? Rolling blackouts? Time warp?

Check to make sure nothing else changed or reverted.

I have bad new for you,
Base on my exp, when my Nydryr dissapeared for the first time, i was like you. Used one, the restart game and gone
If you open ticket, support will ask you when did you get it and its last level. If you answer correctly, they ll re-add it again for you.
However, in some next day, it will be vanish again. I don’t know what exactly happened, but it seem like if your divine one gone, the issue will be likely to happen again. After restoring my Dragon 3 times, me and the supporters gave up.

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