Kirin need to be improved it’s just a useless dragon as he now

Hi all
I want to share you my experience with Kirin, kirin is a good dragon only for the low levels bases with a bad layout, Kirin is totally useless vs hlaf of the towers in the game such as fire/ice turret dark/fire/ice flak (even with the resistance) he doesn’t have a way to heal, sapphire Kirin level 35 can’t handle turrets and flaks level 27… that’s just sad thing if you won’t improve him a bit all Kirin owner better to give him up and kick him out of rooster, in gold tier at equal level even bander doing better than him lol (and I am not joking)
Please share your experience with Kirin so maybe this topic will help

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He’s a warrior without spell flux or a heal. What did you expect?


I like Kirin aesthetically for sure. Kirin is a good set-up for another dragon. A stacked War Cry is helpful for a follower.


That’s why I said it’s need to be improved… he’s too weak for an event dragon don’t you think? It’s just un balanced

If you facing towers like flaks or turrets it’s dosnt matter if he’s a follower or not because he’s just a useless dragon vs those towers his abilities just out of balance , the war cry is useless if u he die from 1 hit of dark flak a long with fire turrets for example.

No, Kirin is just perfect. What people tend to forget - yourself as well as others - that not every dragon is meant to solo. Especially not warriors. As Arelyna said Kirin is a perfect leader, I second that.


Kirin sucks. All warriors (except skarr, zamrok and deathstar) suck. Should they be fixed? Hell no. Learn to play hunters. They’re the true kings of the sky.


And what about Nollaig? With a fully equipped Oksana?

You just avoid the fact, I don’t excepting him to lead but just to kill some towers before he die… lol how he could be perfect when a sapphire 35 max level is die vs level 27 dark flak fire turret storm and 2 mages lol? Just how? You just use a magic sentence “he’s perfect “ there is a facts and the facts tell everything follower dragon or not he’s just can’t handle more than hlaf of the towers in. The game that’s a fact level 27 towers shouldn’t be a problem for a max level sapphire dragon, specially not for an event dragon

He suck too.

Actually Leos is not too bad. I judge by whether they can get past my kill island. :man_shrugging:

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I understand what you trying to say, but Kirin is the worst event dragon, similar thing was with sage if you remmber and they changed his spell color I don’t except from Kirin to beast not at all but just a normal dragon who can be a bit useful when u use 3 dragons

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Yes he’s pretty shit. But you knew that when you got him so :man_shrugging:

Disclaimer I have kirin also. Got him for the cheap goodies


Yea I knew still at that way they changed sage spell color (I was there) and he became much more useful

Which change are your referring to?

Sage lighting storm was a red spell and they changed it to white after a claims that he’s useless with that spell color

Actually, it was blue, THEN they changed it to red, THEN they changed it to white because people were complaining about it being red.


For example if you remove Kirin war cry and add him some shield or some way to heal that could make him a bit useful before he dies

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Oh God. :man_facepalming:

Some bedtime reading for you

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Yea you right I forgot the original color

Kirin is what he is. People will complain if you change him at this point. He was useful to you before. Maybe you should just consider retiring him since you’re having a harder time with him. Few dragons are perpetually useful.