Kirin or equestor

Which one is the best for you ?
I hesitate between Kirin and Equestor. With discount I have enough sigils for Kirin and all his stones, but i need 7000 sigils more to finish Equestor. May be I will can have him before end season,…
I need your advice.

Thank you for kind answer.

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Where are you with lineage dragons, and where are you with divine dragons + their evolution stones? The progression prizes alone from Kirin are pretty worthwhile.

I have Chimerak with obsidian stone, Spindra with 3 stones, Leos with 3 stones too. And I have 18000 sigils left.

Oh, 18k sigils makes it even easier - I’d definitely finish Kirin’s line, just for the progression prizes alone, then and dump the rest into Equestor :slight_smile: . Even if you don’t like Kirin, you’ll at least have a bunch of tokens, chests, etc. :tada:

Also, with the leftover sigils, you may also want to consider the first page of one of the riders - Kayla for the 11.6% XP boost or Tor for the 8% each to HP and Attack.

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I see and you think Kirin is a good drag good power to compare at Equestor ?

I don’t actually have either, but Equestor will be decent at the lower end of gameplay or vs bases with weak storm and mage towers due to the lightning familiar’s tower priority. Thunderbolt will also tear through undefended bases with weak towers as well. It’s pretty much a more aggressive version of Kinnarus.

Kirin’s utility will really be with preventing mage drain and anti-projectile, which is good for invader bases, haha.

It really just boils down to progression prizes, the stuff not directly involving dragons, and how much more you’ll get from finishing an entire dragon line cheaply (claim before the discount ends) vs a some prizes on Equestor. And there’ll always be more dragons in the future.

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Thank you for your answer, I have 24h left to decide :grin:

Combat and usefulness I would say equestor wins in almost all cases. He has so much more raw damage to brute force bases with the versatility (albeit unreliable) of extract essence. Kirin doesn’t look bad by any stretch but he is not the strongest dragon this season by a fair bit. But the fact is you can max a decent dragon, plus get very substantial rewards, for the cost of topping up equestor. Plus you may have change for a dragon rider, one of the best longer term seasonal investments right now.

Honestly the choice is yours. What is important to you? The dragon itself? Or the stuff that comes with it? The long term? asthetics?

There isn’t a 100% right answer here unfortunately


Also, I thought that mechengg had a prize breakdown somewhere on Kirin’s line but can’t find it. This one from Sam also works (click it for full view), though:

Thank you, I have taken Kirin and all of his stones :grin::grin::grin::grin:
I have 5770 sigils more. Is it better to continue Leos line or to take a rider like Kyala for Kirin ?

If you can max the first page of the rider’s line, I think the rider is a great investment. If you don’t have kayla, she is very useful as an xp rune. Tor is an attack oriented rider.

Ok I will have more sigils to finish the season. If I will have enough I will take a rider :ok_hand:t2::+1:t2::wink:

You almost have enough already. The first page only costs like 6.5k sigils. Obtaining the first page allows you to level the rider to maximum level. I would recommend Kayla for the XP boost. She is like a moveable wisdom rune.

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Someone posted a list of prizes on Kirin branch… something like 13k elemental shards? That right there is enough to finish that line… and if you have extra for a rider because of discount, makes it even more powerful.

Do you think it’s better to have rider than to have 2 stones more for leos (grenât) ?

Leo isn’t that good of a dragon, especially if you are paying for him without the discount. Eventually you will outgrow him. I would rather have the moveable wisdom rune (Kayla), she will last you forever.

Thank you :pray:t2:

Kirin handsdown

If you don’t have a rider yet, yes… riders are transferable, and make dragons way stronger. If those two stones you’re talking about aren’t the last two, get a rider.

honestly equestor if u need a dragon

kirin if u need resources like speedups shards egg

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