Kirin’s xp/training stages

Hi ya’ll! Anyone know where Kirin’s xp/training stages are available? Mine is currently level 1 with about 2 minutes heal times. I’d like to starve her until she gets enough xp to use her platinum evolve stone. That way, I’ll be able to run her over and over again without using heal potions. Thanks in advance. :corn:


I usually used freexp280, paired with Ember (and Slynx since mine is lv 6).

I think he was asking if anyone had the breakdown of xp needed for each level and what levels she evolved at so he could bank xp until he could train her in one go to the platinum tier.

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Yes Liz, that’s exactly what I’m asking. :+1:t3:

Oops… sorry then.
Is Kirin’s power level equals to Avyx and other wintertide Legendary? If so, (just to be on the safe side), probably about 1M higher than them.

p.s. I got the estimate, since during the last season, I get 1M exp for Anuba, and it goes 1 or 2 level from orange evolve

That’s an idea. I’ll check that. Thank you! :rose:

Did you find the answer? :eyes:

This should be for Kirin.

Thank you!! It does look like it would have the infornation. I just wish I could read it. :astonished::persevere:

I’ll try using the normal internet instead of the forums.

you might need to copy the link and paste it on your phone’s browser instead of the browser in-game.

It works outside the forums! Thanks!!

no problem

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