KIRIN - Spell Discussion


So Kirin is gorgeous…but It has been such a disappointment with strength. PG would benefit a lot from having a warrior dragon that the community is more willing to invest in and in turn people would be generally a lot happier with dragons that are stronger and a better investment so it would be a win win on both sides.


Is there any way that he can be made better by changing his Mystic Wind Spell. Since warriors are not very strong attackers, he would be much much stronger with a inverse spell. Or if changing his spell is definitely not an option, making Mystic Wind a 1 rage spell and War Cry a higher attack increase.

I just wanted to create this topic because I love how Kirin looks, but was disappointed with his strength.

What does the community think? Anyone have a better idea?

Thank for everyone’s time!



I just focused on the other branch rewards which, for the price where very good.

I haven’t even hatched Kirin yet. I’d be surprised you’ll get much support, but good luck.

I would agree with making mystic wind a 1 rage spell. That makes sense to me given how weak it is (10% buff).

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I would like to see something done. The spells while they are white which is good are not very usable. It makes the dragon not very viable even for an xp base.

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You just need to accept that Kirin can be extremely useful in its own limited way. No other dragon is better suited for killing a rage drain island and setting up a base for a more powerful follower unless you are a particularly good flier. Its not a dragon for everyone. Sure 10% buff isn’t great, but cast it 2-3 times and that IS a large boost for the following dragon.

This dragon is best used for those mid level guys (under level 300) in sapphire league who can use it to set up for a strong follower. This dragon wont be good if you are looking for a kill all type of warrior which i think alot of lower level guys are accustomed too.


You can’t cast it 3 or 4 times. The cool down is far to long.

you should be able to cast it at least twice… you should be able to get 3 off if flown right.

helpful tip: use lockdown on a blue mage on that rage drain island. It will give the follower something to regain rage off of and buy yourself some time to get off the 3rd cast.


I am with Mike on this one, Kirin is great for killing the rage drain with a hunter back up to kill the rest.

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I’d say keep the dragon as is.
We knew what it was before we invested. Don’t go changing stuff now or many people will be quite upset. Either buff or Nerf someone is going to blow up over changes.

Use the dragon if you want, dont use him if you don’t think he is useful. :+1:


War Cry isn’t stackable. Using it more than once does nothing.

Is this confirmed empirically?

Because they specifically stated that it stacked.

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It seems to stack for me. I can have it already cast and be slowly gnawing my way through a farm and cast it while doing so and watch the farm decline perceptably faster.

What does seem to not work is that sometimes the graphic showing that the next dragon has gotten the buff does not show up and makes you wonder if it is just the graphic or if the actual buff didn’t transfer either.

Specifically says stackable… that’s what makes it useful.

I don’t know if they mean it will stack because the next dragon will get it…or something along those lines. But no, using it multiple times does not increase the damage. I just tested it out too.

Well the spell is not working then… In that threat @PGCrisis specifically said it does stack… Can you confirm Crisis that the spell is working?

I’m only level 49 and Kirin is pretty disappointing. Compared to non Divines it’s quite a bit weaker on around the same attack power. What level are you guys I wonder? Sounds like it’ll become progressively a more useful dragon as I level up.

It will never to useful to me as Noc will always be a better lead. But if I was on your team for example, if you (as a low level player) kill some low level mages (as is common for rage drain islands) and cast that damage boosting spell a couple of times it would make soloing (as your backer) a lot easier than if you used any other dragon as a lead.


Make sure to wear armor with thunder resist, stun resist, and paralysis resist. Oh wait, wrong game. Monster Hunter World did it first and did it better.


Thanks. Those are some useful tips. I still regret buying all those envelops to get Kirin though :frowning: Amarok, Hydron & Luminark are much better at clearing bases at my level. And they were free! But conscious the game needs to be set up for players across all different level spectrums. I will just have to be patient and level up!