Kirin's blue evolution stones

Can anyone tell me how I go about getting these stones?

You can’t anymore… last season only…

you can only claim evolution stones during the season that Kirin was released

So even though they are ready to evolve, I can’t do anything until next winter. So I may as well put them in inactive mode until then?

It sounds like you are a newer player. Welcome to the forums! I would strongly suggest getting several stones above the tier of dragons you are currently breeding for whatever season divine you really like, otherwise you’ll have to say goodbye to your beloved dragon all too soon.

And Kirin won’t be getting more stones next winter. It was that one season only.

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yes thats right

you can’t evolve them anymore

So Kirin stays a level one. I didn’t even see any stones during that season. How and where do you get them?

If you keep claiming along a dragon’s path in the seaons tab, you will eventually be able to claim the evolution stones. I took screenshots of the ones for the discount hunter this season and circled the stone locations for you.

Each season brings new and more powerful dragons, so like I said earlier, if you really love a dragon, keep working on obtaining more and more stones. I don’t know where you are at in breeding, but if you are a low enough player, stopping at platinum might make sense. Or maybe you’d try to push for the sapphire stone.

Either way, here are the evolution stone points.


Well that explains why I didn’t see any. I can’t get past 6 to 7 prizes.

As a lower level player, it can be hard to earn prizes. Just do your best and focus on one dragon, if you split your prizes you’ll only end up disatisfied. As you level up and breed stronger dragons, you’ll find it easier to compete for prizes.

You may find it helpful to ask higher level players what they think of the dragons each season to help you pick one that you will enjoy flying.

Edit: and you can see all the prizes. I actually haven’t claimed any prizes for either dragon. So far this season, I’ve only gotten the breeding token bonus.


Yep. Focus on one prize line only… main reason is the prizes get wayyy better towards the end of the line. Egg token bonus is good too for when you’ll need tons o eggs.

If you have a chance tho next week get the rider… it will help your dragons and you can move it to new dragons when u outgrow them.

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