KnightsOfHell - S3 - any active level considered

Language: English
Time Zone: Mainly Us/Canada then UK/Europe
Age Range: Adult
Elite Account?: Preferable
Highest Lineage Dragon: Obsidian


  • KnightsOfHell are a team of friends who have been playing a long time. We have lots of experience in the team as well as in the leadership.
  • We have castles in all elements and 1572 egg tokens per day.
  • Very organised and active.
  • Wars, events, quests and atlas are required.

Please apply or contact an officer in game with any questions.


hi i am interested i am 231 lvl guy with actively takes part in every even and wars and i’ll have my first obsidian tier dragon on this breeding event. I am 21 years old i have elite account i am new to atlas but i’m a learner so ill learn and do my best.

Lot of saphire teams need active player,

I search for a team in Saphire. I am level 317 and an active player.


Could you please apply in game? That way we can make any changes to the team without leaving ourselves one member short :wink:

Thanks :grin:

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I did that, but you dont let me in or contact me. Whats wrong?