KoTH gold chest drops

So their was going to be no barricades or sieges in the gold chests according to the PG twitch stream was just wondering if there was any word what would be in the gold chests in the coming event.

mythic runes and evolve stones for old divine dragons…


Inner fire and energy

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Evolve stones for pre-release dragons?Thank you PG.I have been asking for this.I am glad they finally listened.

You missed the sarcasm. Also, it’s never happening.


I didn’t sense any sarcasm. I really thought it was a fact. Thanks a lot. Do you act like a jerk often?

Nope. I’m just really, really blunt.


No, I have dogs and cats and I treat them quite nicely. Here’s a confirmation that evo stones aren’t coming back.

Well that escalated quickly…

Evolution stones for old seasonal dragons will never resurface. But, since your fairly new, welcome to the forums! There’s tons of useful information on here, just be sure to use the search function before making a post to see if your question/suggestion has already been posted/answered!


Praetoriano was joking.

  1. Mythic runes will be in Runic if you’re lucky.
  2. And as said by many about old evo stone…

-edit- corrected

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Do you mean runic chests?

edit: testing that small text thingy. it worked! cool. i love formatting.

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2 things @Faerun115: even if you are new here you played this game for a decent time to be wanting missed evolving stones. You should know they are not giving stones back, least from gold chests.

Also if you don’t get sarcasm, and being new on the forum has nothing to do with it, let me advice you: don’t reply straight away, wait for the others reaction so you can conclude better if it’s sarcasm or not and THEN you reply.


ahahahahaha XD yes was joking

EvilNat , Kirin was my first seasonal dragon. I had no Idea what evolution stones were. When it came to claiming the items I couldn’t get more than 6 - 7,so I was no where near his stone. Now I know and with this last event I am one away from Aibrean’s first stone. So he will be my last seasonal dragon. Then I won’t have to worry about it any more and I won’t be bothering anyone about it.

Perhaps this is a bit long to read, but it’s worth.

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Inner fire, legendary Sigil, evolve stones both previous and current, energy box

Thanks guys inner fires and energy is what I was hoping for. And I liked the sarcasm thought it was funny.

My hope is that they just remove barricades and siege weapons, giving higher chances for all of the other drops (more sigils and egg tokens). But if they are changing this last iteration of KotH to where IF’s can be used, then those would need to replace one of the removed items.

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They specifically said siege and barricades would not be in the chests or rewards. At least that’s what pgcoffee said in a stream.

Haha it’ll be more tower boosts!!