KoTH gold chest drops


Yes I understand. I hope they JUST remove them, as in, only remove them and not replace them with crappy items.


“Congratulations, you have just opened four empty chests” :joy: :rofl:


Hi RedDelilah, I think your advice is great, but my problem is I can’t even get to the first stone on any of the dragons. What I thought was Aibrean’s first stone in reality can’t be used until level 6 after 2 Epic green dragons have been bred. Oh well, maybe next time.


Read Aibrean’s breeding requirement please.
Try following one of Red’s many breeding paths, and you’ll be fine.


Well true, just because you get the evolution stone doesn’t mean you can instantly use it. It’s a gating mechanism to keep your divines at least somewhat on par with your bred dragons.

the think is, you can get them only during one season, so if you like a dragon and would like to keep using it in the future, it’s best to get at least two more stones than you can currently use or you’ll dragon will retire quite quickly. Since it looks like you’re still in orange, I’d advice you to get at least to the gold stone on dragons you like. You can’t use them now, but in a few months you can have the gold dragons to evolve him there, especially if you stick to Red’s paths.


Thank you for the suggestion. I can usually pick up on sarcasm, but this topic was very important to me. I am sorry for not getting the joke. I have found 2 players who are willing to help me learn what I need to know.

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Thank you Stefaniebadass , I have learned.

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All is good. Take the time to learn up on how everything works. There are plenty of great articles here as well as Youtube Channels and other outlets that will allow you to learn more about this game. Aibrean won’t be your last seasonal dragon by far as they make new ones every couple of months.

As you progress in levels, you’ll start to earn more sigils during events and you will go further and further downt the lines. I’m fairly new as well (only level 70) so I was where you were not too long ago. If you ever need some tips or pointers, feel free to message me here or in-game. I’ll share the knowledge that I have with you. Welcome to the game. It gets more fun as you progress through everything, promise.


I’m happy that happened. Most of the guys here know this game to the bones and will help you. Good luck with those stones :wink:


Thank you so much EternalEvilBry and EvilNat for everything. You remember how hard and confusing all this could be. I really appreciate your time and patience. :heart:


No problem! This game has quite a learning curve, but once you get past it, it’s fun and getting to know your league and team makes it pretty fun.


No one time curtesy? KOTH event is over. I used all my gold chests during the event and used all barricades. I received the PG apology gift and just used it moments ago. It gave me legendary barricades. I immediately asked support if I could get a replacement chest (I’d wait to open it since barricades are still dropping) and was referred to the in game message that barricades WOULD NOT be compensated. I used all my barricades during the event. This gold chest I received and when I opened it was long after the event ended. I guess I shouldn’t have assumed they would no longer be included in gold chests since they can not be used. So the apology gold chest for the time I lost in the event is now a big fat 0 for me. I don’t understand why you can’t just replace 1 gold chest as a one time curtesy :woman_shrugging:t2:


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