KoTH - Layman terms

Hi All, :slight_smile:
Hope you are all having a good day. As this is my first KoTH event (sadly the last as well) could someone explain how the attacks work?

From what I’ve understood by reading Wdgeeks is,

  1. Officers mark forts to attack.
  2. We take forts from AI and hold them.
  3. I’m guessing we use our barricade thingies to fortify the captured forts.
  4. I’m guessing we use our siege thingies (like IFs) to break fortified forts during our attacks.
  5. We get VP from holding + capturing more forts.
  6. We get individual points from attacking the forts and doing damage.
  7. We don’t use IFs this event.
  8. We can attack once with 4 energy and raid again (with 1,2,3 energy) on the same fort

Am I close to the event process? Am I missing something or wrong about something.

Thank you for taking your time and replying to the post.

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You gave a pretty good description of what to do. Here’s a couple of additions.

  1. I’m guessing that you are lower leagues? Be prepared for officers to fail at marking bases. If so, examine the forts in turn to see which you stand the best chance of taking.

4 . Seige act like multipliers to generate extra points - you can apply multiple at the same time. e.g. rare, epic, legendary. It should be fairly self explanitory when you see it.

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