Krellos super speed demon BIG BUGS

Watch this. If you still don’t believe me look at the cooldown on the spells like speed demon and others aswell you can try it for your self .
Just use speed demon before you get to a island and u will see what I mean. I think it’s only in Dungeons.


What ?
The fire balls are annoying but the main problem is the teleportation super speed demon :triumph:

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Krelo’s does look impossible to fix though

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I don’t get what u are saying :man_facepalming: I don’t watch mems that’s probably why

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U can say that again

Okay hopefully someone gets my humor because the fireballs don’t obey the physics engine

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Not really anything new, he always acts this way in dungeons.

Why is your krelos only at green tier? That’s horrifying


Prolly cause he started playing that season. So did I. I don’t even have Krelos :sob:


It’s farting fire in flight and self exploded…should eat less spicy humans.

:bell::bell:Shame :bell::bell:
Seriously though, that sucks. Krelos is probably the best seasonal legendary we’ve ever had


I started that season so I didn’t get him high :sob::sob::sob::sob:

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May I ask where you get all these GIFs? I love them :joy:

Anyhow, I blame one specific person. I had a full branch worth of sigils at the end of Sunscorch and I asked this specific diamond player for advice. They told me to get the howitzer branch…

Now I’m playing this game awfully limited. I know this really won’t happen, but more fast dragons would be quite nice for everyone without Krelos. We’re at quite the disadvantage.

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I didn’t necessarily “start” that season to be fair, I just came back that season after years of break in between. I was quite privileged to have a plethora of resources starting up again at like level 70.

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They are a blessing from our Lord of Wood and Cuteness, Chunk :chunk:. Praise be onto him and his bountiful gifts of amusement. He puts the gif in gift :pray:


We made a fun game:
The Krelos Challenge

No spells or sorcerer attack other than krelos super speed.
Lead flyer uses krelos and enables super speed at or before island 1.
You must use krelos super speed any time it’s not on cooldown.
Followers 1 and 2 use krelos super speed immediately and any time it’s not on cooldown.
If the dragon is not krelos swap immediately.

Highest % destroyed wins. We got 90% last night.


I am so unlucky to have got to divine level a day after Summerscorch is over
:sob: :sob:
Didn’t even have enough sigils to get Zilch

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I love my zilch but it’s only at purple :sob::sob::sob:

He’s really annoying to deal with correction that’s why everyone is like let’s sacrifice to him like he’s a god

Oh no, they fixed that. Remember when he slowed down and everyone pointed out the nerf and they came back and said they only did it to fix dungeons? So he is definitely fixed.