Krelos, and speed demon runes

So… Krelos speed demon runes. Is it possible to actually upgrade them too high? I mean… that you end up flying over and past entire islands? Or will it be good as long as the timing is good? If you end up having to wait a while before you cast it in fear of flying past the island … you might end up doing the run slower…

Am i even making any sense here?

Depends, honestly if you want to kill more of a base, he might be better with no runes. More time over an island gives you more time to do damage. That said I prefer the speed. It can let you skip a tough island. And I prefer him for chest runs and rss

He will be used for atlas runs. Mainly invader base for chest hunting. But with the runes all upgraded, will i still be able to regenerate enough rage to kill the entire base? Even if i cant one shoot the towers with the regular attack? Not that i need 100%…

Time it right with runes, save a lot of time!

Depends on a few different things:

  • What do you have him equipped with?

    If Krelos doesn’t have to hang around to keep hitting towers, then speed is a priority.

  • Who are you hitting?

    If you’re hitting up, or even just hitting a strong base, Krelos will need more time over the target to do his damage.

  • Is the target defended?

    Against a defended target, Krelos can more easily speed past a base without killing it, as storm/earth shields may block his attacks on red mages, and red mages may block his other attacks. Plus, of course, shield and hammer consumables.

  • How good is your timing?

    I’ve done a lot of Krelos runs since I got him, and I’m still working to get his timing down just right. Things like supershots can throw you off, and if you use one of his abilities too early, you may find out that you can’t chain them as neatly as you’d like.

  • What are you trying to accomplish?

    I find he’s most useful for hitting undefended enemy bases, countersniping, XP runs, and gold runs. He can easily be timed right for invader bases, making gold and XP runs a breeze; for those you can use all the speed you can get. For attacking and countersniping, speed is also key - and with countersniping in particular, you often don’t even try to get 100%, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t get everything perfectly.

Basically, he doesn’t have the best spellset for attacking tough, defended bases anyway, so if you’re not going to rune him for high-speed smashing, you’re probably missing the point of him.

Edit: Oh, you’re using him for invader bases? Yeah, you can totally just time his spells for that. It helps to remember that both his Speed Demon and his Take That spells will hit towers both in front of him and behind him.


Lol rage is not his enemy (he’s got plenty) but you must time the spells. In the beginning at 8 and 7 cast speed demon, finish 7 with the red spell (looks up :face_with_monocle::eyes: Oh yea take that lol). Keep focus on monuments for chests on regular attack. Wait for Spd Demon cool down and cast on 6. This should bring you mid way (fully runed and upgraded) between 5 & 4…cast the red spell to kill both islands. After 4 cast spd demon just as you pass the Bridge monument. This should carry you to between 1 & 2. Cast the red spell to kill both islands and fire the white spell (Tail smash?) to kill the castle.

This should be roughly a 30-40 second invader run.

Alright :slight_smile: thanx alot guys. Guess i can max the runes then without risking much on invader :wink: not gonna use him for hitting up, so theres no issue there.

I usualy quit invarder after 70% anyway… so no need to hitem all.

Thanx again all!

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The difference between 70 and 100% on invader with Krelos is literally just seconds lol

But yw

Hehe :slight_smile: good point :wink: just an old habbit

I can’t say about defended atlas runs etc, but for invaders. 1 speed demon for 1st long Island will end(with maxed runes) just at the starting of island 6 which is best time to hit take that.

Note:- if you use SD at turnings, you will have the chain of SD+ Takethat cycling properly.

Now if you arr backing a bit higher player, you will need to start SD only after turns, inorder to get less speed to land more shots.

I like him best with only one maxed speed demon rune, and no speed demon glyph. That is a sweet spot for me to be able to use his speed demon shield and damage both on long and short islands. Extend it more, and you end up flying into the next long island with the speed demon entering the cooldown, which sucks.

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