Krelos dragon (again)

Please give krelos to new players he is a true beast.

Quoting post from PG staff.


Wont even an eldritch tier krelos ressuruction be possible so that new players also enjoy the dragon

@moderators Please close his thread :see_no_evil::joy:


Best would be to remove the dragon complete off the game and refund players that got the dragon. He complete broke the game esspecially in atlas.


Or on a resurrection they often change spells and could tweak him. Either leave speed spell with no damage or leave the damage but cut the speed out. Then everyone will be unhappy together. The players without him will get him and be frustrated that he isn’t as good and the old players will be frustrated that gold runs take longer.

In before close.
Krelos please so I will buy atlas elite and normal elite.hahahaha
That is 25 usd for you PG.go go go lols

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Refund us what though? I dont want Sunscorch sigils back for losing my best chore horse


Just try to live with it :joy:
Krelos is a very good dragon for doing these daily gold runs when you have Atlas elite or these stupid egg missions brought up by PG. Nothing more.
Those who got him are happy about it to mainly save some time.
But he isn’t able to kill strong bases anymore, he is dead right away when being used against nowadays bases (except maybe for starting off on the beginning of a weak base or on castle guards, which doesn’t give team’s glory).
Just forget about him lol.


Like I said before , don’t resurrect anymore old dragons. Let’s move on please.

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There should be a way to auto-close all Krelos threads :joy: @moderators


I wish PG would go back to their “we will never” position with regard to resurrection dragons; although to be honest most long time players know it’s a boondoggle.


Don’t you take my krelos away you evil person :joy: