Krelos on SlowMo

The game forced me to restart and when i try to Gold in atlas using krelos, it fly VERY slow, someone killed the turbo lol @PGGalileo


Same here. I sent in a support ticket.

Definitely, after the forced update Krelos is almost unusuable.
Was this intended? :smiling_imp:

Speed demon is definitely shorter now as well. Was there a note anywhere off forums with plans to change Krelos & I missed it?

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Yep, mine broken now too

Same here

Yes what happened and why. I just got a new rider and everything for him


Same here. This is completely unacceptable. We spend years begging PG to fix all the bugs in this game and what do they do instead??? Nerf one of the best dragons in the game. This is absolutely ridiculous. Change it back or I’m retiring from this game. Too much BS to keep playing.


Wtf PG? Fix krelos!


How do they mess up a dragon from multiple seasons ago? Why would they even be changing anything about it? He worked, he was useful, and reliable as he was and he wasn’t OP!


Because krelos is a broken dragon? It doesnt matter that they are useful, krelos was broken from the start. He was hard to defend against and really annoying for most players. Yes krelos is useful for gold runs but attacking ppls bases with krelos is practically a guaranteed win, you just use krelos to set up the base, deal some damage and kill the mages. Easy clean up.

Seriously of all the things you could fix/improve on and you nerf a dragon that actually saves me time on gold runs!! Completely unacceptable, fix your shit PG!


You are right, but now he is like a normal lineage dragon :see_no_evil:

Same here was it nerfed?

Edit: I only noticed when someone in league said he was broken

Got to say this is the funniest crap I’ve ever seen, not funny for people who own him though but if this is a nerf prepare your bench


Krelos isn’t great against defended bases especially high level towers


I bet PG tried to fix another thing and messed up with Krelos.
I wonder if Crystal Cave will run smooth :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Maybe that’s the case

Very true. If this was an intentional nerf I won’t be using him anymore. It’s annoying but I didn’t use him that much so I don’t mind a huge amount.

Really bc any krelos i fly with or attacks my base has always won, even defended. I don’t have krelos myself but i still saw how broken they are. And against defended krelos can just zoom past the kill isalnd/s, kill the shielding tower or mages, deal some damage and then kill the farms at the end of the base. Broken. It was only a matter of time until krelos was nerfed.