Krygant Giant Spell

Can anyone tell me what Krygant’s Giant spell does?

I have read the instructions on it etc. But once activated it doesn’t seem to do anything.
The icon just sits there… not cooling down or moving at all.
Am I just not getting hit enough? Because it doesn’t even look close to activating anything.

What am I missing?


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What it says is that the chained version gives you an 100% attack boost, 1% healing per second and 0.2 rage each time a tower dies.
For the unchained version once you get hit by 20 projectiles you’ll lose the 100% breath boost and gain an extra 1% healing… which sounds like a really terrible tradeoff

That being said, I dont know how it is counted because I’ve just let myself fly through an invader base and it looks like most of the projectile hits dont even get registered if the little pie-counter on the spell icon is to be believed.
But yeah, doesn’t seem like you even want Giant to become uncahined, in a real flight you’d be long dead before getting hit 20 times

Im also not sure about the healing because it doesnt seem like I start seeing any green return in the health bar at all until I’ve reached island 5


In the above video you can see the healing working. @PezThePowerful

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Mine doesn’t do anything either. The counter doesn’t register any hits taken.

The healing seen in the video is from the exotic armor not so much the magic in question.

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Exotic Armor gives u the heals when u destroy the target. It does not progressively keep healing like shown in the video @Gniuska

You’re right I didn’t notice that detail also because I have that dragon too and I see that type of recovery only at the end of a long base … But mine is legendary.

Hey y’all! Here are a few clarifications on how Giant works that might answer the questions here.

This is really good feedback for us at PG to know! I can assure you that the effects of Giant are taking place. However, right now there’s no visual or UI effect to indicate this, which seems to be throwing you off. This is something that we’ll take into consideration in the future to make spells like Giant more clear to use.

The little pie-counter is NOT to be believed! That has nothing to do with the number of shots taken, and is just a quirk of how this spell was implemented. No correlation to the spell’s effects. In the future, the pie-icon can be made less prominent so that players don’t read meaning into it.

While of course this is partly up to player strategy, I will point out that for Legendary Krygant specifically, shots it tanks while shielded by Thick Ice DO count toward the total for triggering Giant. So yes, 20 shots is a lot, but you don’t have to take damage from all of them. Whether the healing is worth losing the attack boost or not is a matter of discretion - personally, I think that the healing is worth it, but ideally you only trigger it after you have a few stacks of Ice Sheeting so that you can maintain offensive pressure. In any case, because Legendary Krygant can’t really dodge projectiles, you don’t always get a choice in whether Giant’s full effects trigger or not.


Are you saying on this day, the day after Pi day that the PIE IS LYING?! :scream: :scream: :scream:
Now I dont know what to believe, if we cant trust the pie then what can we trust?
:pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

Thank you for the clarifications

While we’re on the subject of Krygant, any chance we could get his runes changed over to boost attack instead of HP? Or at least any thoughts on this topic?

Krygant needs all the attack he can get and having to rely almost exclusively on the Sheeting spell really slows him down if you dont have the exotics to reduce the cd.


I’ll offer some thoughts, but I don’t want to make promises one way or another.

It’s true that Krygant, more than many other Warriors, benefits from attack. However, that does not mean that HP is not useful on Krygant. In addition to increasing its total HP regenerated through Giant/Behemoth, HP can also help Krygant survive its periods of vulnerability - which it has no way to completely avoid. And, of course, you can always choose to equip Runes and Glyphs other than Krygant’s unique ones to customize a build that works for you.

All in all, while we never want to close the door on an avenue of adjustment if it can help us create a more balanced game, it’s generally not our practice to change Runes/Glyphs after they’re released, and I don’t think the case for changing Krygant’s runes is so one-sided that it warrants an immediate exception. I do encourage you all to keep discussing it and letting us know your honest opinions though - it will help us down the line with both Krygant and other dragons :slight_smile:

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Is it possible to maybe reach a compromise here and only change one of them like the mythic glyph or legendary rune to have dragon attack instead?

Most seasonal warrior runes are hp based. So getting warrior attack runes and glyphs that attack based is hard. Especially with glyphs only available as event prizes.


Can it be? Cause that’s what I thought as well-- it was supposed to reflect a visual representation so we know when it’s gone Unchained?


Thank you for responding .
I think it is worth considering that exotic runes and glyphs for the mythics take lot of effort and resources to obtain and a multiple choice mode of Atk / HP rune and glyph where the player can select what they want is a good option for PG to consider .


Problem with this though is there are almost no 8% warrior attack glyphs. I’ve been playing for nearly 5 years now and I have a total of 2, one from Quasar (winter 2020) and one from Chelanoth (summer 2019). I think there were 1 or 2 other random legendary warriors that may have had them but that’s about it. So options are very limited for warrior attack. As are rider options because nearly every warrior rider is spec’d for HP and the attack boost is either nothing or still pretty low for a modern rider

A compromise could be to give us the option to pick. Let us choose to claim a rune/glyph with attack or hp so that we can customize our dragon how we would like. Or even give us 3 options, attack, hp or rage as the secondary boost.
Personally I really dont want warrior HP on any of his runes, someone else might so giving us the choice would be appreciated

Having HP on his exotics though seems like a huge waste. It would be nice if one or both could be changed to attack (or rage :pray:)


Not sure about the runes tbh

The dragon seems pretty good

I would hate to get attack runes then find a nerf gets applied that makes him worse than now.

Who knows but sometimes a bird in the hand and all that……


Another point… the glyphs in the Mythic ascension branch don’t match the spell set on the dragon.
What is Permafrost and Glacial Sheeting?

They don’t match anything on the dragon.

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Haven’t looked at any of the lines but spell names change as it changes to mythic

Thanks for all the feedback y’all. What I’m hearing is that this is really a symptom of a larger problem that the overall rune landscape for warriors leans too heavily toward HP. That’s something that we can work toward changing, and will gladly do knowing that there’s appetite for a greater diversity of Warrior runes.

Make sure that you are consulting the spells for the Mythic dragon- as some have already pointed out, they change between Legendary and Mythic. Permafrost and Glacial Sheeting are the Mythic spells replacing Thick Ice and Ice Sheeting.

That’s an interesting idea! I’ll think more about that and discuss it with the team.


Since your here

Are they performing as you think they should or are you looking at the performance of any in particular before players start using stones?


That would be great to see.
Warriors primarily used to be very HP-based, that was a pretty easy answer whenever anyone asked how to spec out a warrior, as much HP as you can possibly get. But that hasn’t been the case for a while, nearly all of the warriors lately have very low hp based spells to deal damage with and primarily rely on their breath to kill and deal with hammers. But runes and riders never really changed for them, they’re still all HP focused. We have all kinds of high HP warrior riders but few attack-based riders and the few we do have are still rather low and come at the cost of losing rage (the other stat warriors now need tons of). None of the spell riders give very good warrior attack at all and those are the only new riders we get now. I think really the last truly HP based warrior was Quasar (and ironically he got warrior attack runes :sweat_smile:)


So yes, more diversity in how we can build warriors would be very much appreciated