KSArmy is looking for more cool cats to join the fam. S2/S3/level 510+

Pssssst :ghost: I’m Kalli. I’ve been trying to reach you about your cars extended warranty :wave:t3:

I kid I kid :relaxed:

I’m trying to get a few new players for our team… just some like minded, fun, players with a sense of humor :smiling_imp: Who also like to grind and blow shit up :fire: ATLAS LOVERS A MUST!

We don’t have a lot of turnover, but unfortunately have been dragging some dead weight for a bit :-1:t3: So it’s time for some new blood in the team :pinched_fingers:t3::pinched_fingers:t3:

We are a lax s2/s3 team. Don’t let that fool you though. We love to play hard. Normal minimums of 8/8 and 5/5. Keep some troops in the barracks and keep killing them :skull_and_crossbones: We have 22 castles and plan to get more :tipping_hand_woman:t2: We are an adult team, with adult humor, and love to chat. Memes are a must :white_check_mark:

I’d love to chat more. Get to know you and all that fun stuff.

You can message me here or in Line MrsMeowgy. Line chat is definitely easier for me!

:black_heart:🫶🏼 ~Kalli

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