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I need a hunter that’s better than Gunnar.

Also, why is getting Garnet Evo stones THE most expensive tier, at 700 sigil per item?

It seems like it should be progressive.

the sigil costs scale to the value of the prizes, that’s why


Than why is a garnet evo stone so much more valuable than a Vanguard evo stone?

The prize costs scale across the entire line like a hill. So the middle (Garnet etc) costs the most. It’s not about the garnet stone vs other stones - it is just the way price scaling has been designed for ease of implementation every time a new tier comes out.


Because that is the climax of the dragon prizes. Presumably so that when they add new stones they are adding them at a low cost of hundreds rather than thousands. The rider lines dont change and this increase linearly throughout the line

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As does the base boost line :eyes:

Why make anything consistent across the entire prize spectrum. That would be boring, predictable, and too logical.

I assume it’s because the dragon strength isn’t determined solely by which evo stone you get but more by your game level, i.e. I can get an Abysmal Evo stone but I can’t upgrade to that because I’m not at Abysmal Tier Dragons yet.

However, with the base boost, it increases the strength of your base by an ever increasing percentage amount regardless of your game level up to the max.

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This change disproportionately impacts newer and casual players, it makes it much harder for them to get as far on the lines.

Of course a better solution would be to recognize that game inflation is lowering the value of early tier dragons and decrease the cost of green through platinum stones while keeping the backend the same.

You’re getting better stuff along with the evo stones which is more beneficial to your game.

You don’t need to get all the way through.

In fact, depending on your level, you’d possibly be best off getting one or two legendary dragons to a level or two above your current tier. By the time you can level them to higher tiers there will be better dragons available


Except of course the old layout is obviously better for prizes. A dragon is 9,450 sigils for the first page which gets you 28 gold chests. A rider is 6,300 sigils for the first page which gets you 27 gold chests. Fortunately you can use the 3,150 sigils you saved to get 6 prizes on the next page, including 17 more gold chests.

The advantage of the hill layout is it slows down the acquisition of stones for mid and upper level players, again at the expense of punishing new and casual players. Jump on a gold team and talk to the players who long on once a day for 15 minutes or so. You can argue they don’t bring much to the game, but they represent a large percentage of the player base.

No it wasn’t better. The lions share of the gold chests were at the end of the old lines for costs in the thousands.

Right now the gold chests are spread evenly. In fact the largest drops are in the middle meaning you can get them easier. It actually gives newer players access to more resources without having to chase stones they will likely not use.

I’m sorry mate but the new layout is simply better.


Yes and the rider lines give 50% more gold chests than dragon lines which is what you’ve just described.

It’s been like this since basically forever.

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