Lack of assistence

@PGJared i honestly don’t know what to account was banned in late july.then i talked first with italian support(basically no results,it seemed to talk to a wall) and then finally i was able to talk with Jared that told me he was able to restore my account.then it started…over 2 months of replies saying “we are checking,keep waiting” .over 2 damn months.then another nice reply sying that support platform was moving and tht my ticket had to be restarted.nice i told…but i can’t write on the new support platform since i don’t have my support ID and obviously i can’t find it without having my account.then i sent to you,Jared,some pm and got no reply.i’m wondering what i have to do…i need to sacrifice sheeps to pocket gems to get a reply?

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no sheeps needed, visa cards on the other hand…


Have you tried the portal?

if you read with more attention you can see that i need the support ID of my account to submit a request on the portal.since i haven’t my account i can’t find the support ID and can’t use the…i’m just waiting for someone that tells me how to interact.

make a new account and just indicate that you created a new account to make a follow up and then include the name of your main account that was banned.

tought that…but i’m wondering why the support can’t handle this

support only relays it to the correct department and in this case, the security department or whatever the name of the department where they investigate banned accounts.

unless they are given the proper training to handle those, they can only relay it and if they have new information about your ban appeal, they can give the information of the outcome i think.

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