Lack of Glyph varieties


Hello, I would like to discuss lack of glyph varieties being offered in this game. When it comes to runes I never have problems with runes. They are being offered in silver chests and in season Dragon lines so there’s always an option. As with useful Glyphs ignorant developers don’t offer much choice. There is no glyphs in silver shests( there should be you ignorant developers) and most of Glyphs being offered in events are useless for most dragons…same glyphs being offered in events…no variety. For example rejuvenate glyphs…who needs them? Nobody! Why don’t developers offer at least useful glyphs in events, for example rage or wisdom? I am tired of this ignorance from developers! They spend their time on useless dragons thst can’t even evolve like Ochre…but can’t spend time on redesighning glyph options? This is ridiculous ! :frowning:frowning:

Proposal : Have Glyphs show up in the Silver chests

If you want to continue this discussion I’d suggest going there. Runes, glyphs and runic chests are discussed in this thread. Also there are new runes apparently being worked on by the team (PGCoffee told us that in a stream introducing the new Wintertide season) so we may see new runes and glyphs appearing next year.

Also you’d want to tone down your message. Silver chests used to have glyphs. Developers are not ignorant, they are working on changing and creating new runes and those take time to code efficiently. You are wrong about Rejuvenate runes, low level players need them. Also there are several teams of developers at PG, not all of them working on new Dragons. So releasing new Dragons, solving bugs, creating new content, Atlas… Are managed by different teams having different skills.

Stay curious, browse the forum, watch some streams, check other information platforms… You will understand that PG is doing its best to listen to its player base. Changes are a long process and some players may be bitter about it, but eventually changes are made. Just be patient, if it’s something players want (which it is :wink:) they will certainly do something or face consequences (loss of players/ revenue).

Thank you for your attention.

@ModMat @Psarus sorry to make you work so much :sweat_smile:


Haha, no worries what we’re here for,