Lack of glyphs from outside events

I see the new attempt is to include glyphs in the runic chests.
Why don’t you stop being tight & at least give out glyphs as part of the bonus for 30 silver chests!

And change the glyphs you give out during events! I’ve a load of invulnerability glyphs & practically very little else!


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Lots of similar posts, but never been improved. They seem to be in a need to make players forcefully buy an over priced runic chests.
It’s lack of their business ethics I guess.

I suspect it is part of their effort to fix runes. (And possibly balance dragons)

You may have noticed dust is rarer in the seasonal line now, and the runes haven’t really been as advantageous.

I’m trying to stay optomistic and believe they are essentially trying to freeze things while they work out some tricky changes. (If this is what is happening I think they have failed on communication as it’s super obvious A lot of things went from large impact to virtually none starting this season, and it feels a lot like we are just getting screwed)

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