Lack of gold chest drops

Anyone else noticing a lack of gold chest drops? I usually see 3-4 per event but none so far this time. Also an extreme lack of sigils from opening chests. Anyone else seeing these things


Sigils are exactly the same as always. 3-4 gold drops per event is absolutely crazy high, most people get 1-2 a month at most. Guess you’ve just been extremely lucky before.


If I get 1 gold drop a event I’m happy. Fyi I’m a chest farmer, so I do tend to get a lot of bronze… There was 1 awesome day I got 3 gold chests!!


Consider yourselves lucky, I’ve got ~5 gold chest drops during runs in 2+ years.

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I know how to get the chest but most bases ive noticed this event dnt even give you i can attack 3bases and not get any???

I’ve noticed this event aint really getting chest at all i can attack 3 bases and not get one chest and when i do get them not alot of segils or speedups at all. This event has stressed me out cant get nothing finished

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Drops are on/off or lowered depending on a few things.

Biggest is hitting lower than your atk.
Total the top three of your dragons attack power, attack chest bases higher than that for good drop rate.

If you don’t get chests from monuments and you are hitting players who are higher level than you I’d suggest wiping your cache/reinstalling. This generally solves chest dropping issues.

'>500 bronze chests so far this event.


how do you do that. thats 3x what i have gotten

Do all your gold runs (20 runs x ~3 per run = 60 per day = 420 per week). Attack up (I hit 500+ for rss).

yeah i usually do that. i just tried an experiment. i did 10 runs with namaka and got 3 chests. did 10 with meg and got 11. wierd.

Hmm - I don’t know the exact numbers - @OrcaFrost may be able to help here. But from my human memory (unreliable) I generally average about 3 per run…

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  • 65k nothing
  • 15k bronze
  • 1,107 silver
  • 30 gold

Roughly 0.185 bronze / monuments, or 1.48 / run (assuming 8 monuments each run)


:rofl: so my memory doubles the amount I get.

So, at 1.5 per run, 20 gold runs per day = 30 chests per day - 210 chests per week. Seems more reasonable.

Double that for rss or PVP runs per day and we’re getting close to 500 per week already.


I slack a lot more on my gold runs, rarely finish my multipliers with diamonds being so plentiful now. I average around 400 a week over the season, but I think a lot come from pvp runs, with the extra chests at the end.

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Hmmm, ever since i started the game I got total of one gold from reg flights,
on the other hand I got total of 2 24h timers


Don’t forget it isn’t 7 days per week, just 5. So its about right :ok_hand:

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