Lack of healing potions 2

Hi. I saw a lot of posts about removing the healing potions from chests. I had 3.200 potion at the beginning of the season, this is how many i have now, and probably it’s gonna be lower than 600 by the start of the next season.


The thing is i am planning to be more active and do higher scores in events next season, but by doing that will be burning more healing potions. Some may think that i don’t claim enough chests, but here is my plan


As you see i will almost be in the same situation about potions with the last season. Even this many chests will barely be enough for the season. Same about the dragon buffs, but okay, i might have been a bit of wasteful about buffs.

Taco, in the suggestion thread has post about removing the cooldowns but it is not counted as she suggested a few ideas at the same post. This is an option.

My idea number 1 - is applying the seasonal boost to all dragons except for the xp boost. This way, i am pretty sure there will be a lot of people still using the potions, but it clears the problem as well.

Idea number 2 - increasing the amount of the healing potion drop from the chests. (Not the rate of the drop of potions but the amount of the potion in a single potion drop).



Let us keep the least amount of tactics in the game. The seasonal drags have no cooldown, so if you want to use a potion to cut down a one minute wait, go and use you wallet. I am very active with two accounts most of the time, even my lvl 100 alt has plenty of potions. There are many problems in the game, potions and boosts are not among them.


I do respect your opinion. However, alts have no problem about healing potions i can confirm that, but i don’t use the potions just to decrease the number. What could go wrong in your game if they do one of those? just trying to find out what’s the reason to refuse them from a player’s perspective

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If you’re worried about healing potions, forge them. Before a pvp/war queue the forge with multiple healing potions. In addition to opening chests, you should stay at a decent amount.
OR you can forge +2 potions per one spent and then you’ll remain at the same amount.

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Idea number 3… remove meaningless healing time entirely.


You can have some of mine.


But yea, it would be great if heal times were just removed all together.


Agreed, healing pots serve no purpose but hindering lower level players and people who do a lot of grinding


Remove healing potions from the game just useless


Spent my forge with them the whole season :blush:


I have never had a healing problem issue mine are always going up , around 15,000 now.

If you pick up some of the seasonal dragons then they heal pretty fast - usually in under 2 mins. ( once the season ends they heal at the normal time )

Having a seasonal dragon or two ( maybe a legendary and a mythic or two legendaries ) might be what you need to restock your health potions for a season.

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I’m willing to bet they have a seasonal dragon.


Maybe just not sure how you run out of them if you do have a seasonal dragon.

I alternate Quasar with the sorc and don’t use any healing potions.

On temple raid an inner fire on the element dragon that you need for 25% extra points ensures that dragon comes back with no heal required.

Im assuming OP doesnt waste time with junk dragons and goes for timer based branches instead either that or he grinds hard and thats why his pots are going down.

Healing potions don’t even make sense lmao you have to use resources (heal pot) in order to spend resources (food to fly) in order to get resources. Just remove them altogether and ill be happy :joy_cat:

I never have more than 50 heal pots at a time, 2 weeks ago I had like 1.5k after opening my bronze chests and they were all gone by yesterday so now I have to waste more chests. PG is just limiting the grinders :rofl:


I have been forging healing pots too because I only opened draconic chests at the start of this season.
One thing for sure: the lack of healing pots prevents me from being more active in game, so I now have more time outside the game XD


what about riders buffs, runes equipped and research done already for reducing healing time?

Or another possibility is dragons would require more food each time to raid unless they go through a certain cooldown period which will be based upon tier and rarity minus all the buffs .

What about them?
You are overthinking this, I can tell


Up the cost of food to battle, make it reduce the cost instead of healing time.


using an inner fire and taking no damage during the flight ensures a no heal time factor as well

opening bronze chests and golds will get all the unwanted healing potions you need

what lvl are you right now??

lvl 450