Lack of healing potions on Chests

I wonder if PG has calculated the fact that ther should be a legendary drop for healing potions , I do a lot of attacks x day but lately healing potions are getting less and less , actual amount 74 . Well I am not a money spender but potions are fundamental for me event though only thing I forge are them, that is why I propose a legendary potion drop

P.s : did anyone get a response for the lost items during season’s launch ?


Lol after this event I find myself down to my last 5 potions :joy::joy:. Can’t remember when i last had to forge health potions

I’m almost out too and forging health pots, for the first time.

I’m having the same problem. They have definitely been reduced in chests.

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Please up the common amounts to the x5 healpots, the rare to the x20 and the epic to x50 please :pray:t3:


YES PLEASE!!! This would be awesome!

I thought I was just spending more than usual and getting unlucky in chests… guess it’s a real thing.


I hope PG will take this in consideration


i’m good I don’t need anymore


well how did u get that much ?

Queue adaptive gold chest discussion:

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Gold chest a lot of them and a lot of $ :rage: but I certainly do not get timers and that’s all I want and need

well most of us spend only on elite account but at this rate I will be without health potions

I definitely haven’t noticed a shortage of healing potions.

I usually never have less than 500-600 and sometimes upwards of 1500-2000.
And I have no idea how many attacks I do daily but I’m sure it’s probably a # I don’t even want to know lol

I do like 30-40 attacks x day , but this event potions started to get lower and lower and i did open a lot of chests , they should lower the frequency of tower boosts and add more healing potions , tower boosts are not that neccessary I HAVE THOUSANDS OF THOSE USELESS THINGS

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Having two consecutive resource scarcity events is brutal on potion and boost stocks. I went from ~850 to ~150 potions, despite opening ~400 bronze and ~100 gold during this time.

I don’t think we need legendary potion drops; the existing legendary drops are the only way to get some resources in decent quantities, and diluting the supply seems bad. We do need better potion drop rates from bronze chests during feeding, and 5x rare drops to be available during fort, and probably for future schedules to not stick these two events together.


An increase should be more than useful at least reduce tower boosts we dont need them as much as healing potions


An increase in healpot drops or a drop in forge time. 5 hrs is on the excessive side considering the amount of flying we love to do :wink::wink::wink::facepunch:


When do you normally open your chests? I usually see lots of health potions drop during PVP events (when most people don’t want to open chests) I have about 300 potions right now and only spent for the year elite account.

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