Lack of healing potions on Chests


I only open chests during pvp and I’m also ok for heals. I have as many as I usually do.
I think fort and feeding especially with food shortage cause you to use a lot more heals than other events so maybe we need to see more in chests during those events.


I think healing pot amounts and drop rate should be increased in bronze chests. We get bronze from attacking and grinding…and gold is extremely rare. I farmed 1400 bronze chests in the past 3 weeks and only 1 gold. Spenders get a ton of gold chests and too many x20 healing pots, because of this I’d say reduce the chance of healing pots in gold chests and increase in bronze.

x10 rare drop?

I’d love to see hammers in gold chests btw…and remove those tower boosts




Typo…nice catch :joy::joy::joy:


I open chests during pvp. But opened some this timr cause 2 minor events were together and potions are reduced . Pg can do what ever they like but an increase is neccessary






But more heal pots are kool


Holy sh!t that is so many. :drooling_face:




Maybe u drown ur dragons with that too much red energy drink :grinning:


However those are never too much


Lol you spend…


Yeah potions not money


Or change 50 potions for 500 rubies, instead of 20 potions for 500 rubies.


Yes two events ago I had around 300 and now only have 30 forge is full of them


Healing potions are definitely in short order. I had over 400 after the last PvP. But now I’m down to 40! I know that healing potions drop more during PvP events. And the fact that we have had 3 building events in a row hasn’t helped.

But I don’t think it’s just that. Everyone in my league has noticed the lack of bronze chest drops in total. I spent 2 hours this morning and received only 1 bronze chest!!! WTF?!?

At this point I’m starting to wonder if PG has lowered the amount of chests in an attempt to get people to buy more. It’s all about money in the end.


I’ve done ok on healing potions but no defense boosts or attack boosts I’d much rather open during pvp but the events force the hand especially with the half price dragon coming to a close… however I think I added at least another 1k ea tower boost which are useless


Are you attacking a lvl 40? Hit bases like PGKissmyAss, Fairyknight1 or Xonn (chest bases) and use death gaze. This can be a glitch…you should have restarted the app or put in a ticket after 4-5 runs of no chests instead of keep going for 2h.

Does anyone know if this is true? For gold chests PvP events don’t give a lot of healing potions (saw on a chart earlier today) and I was surprised. I think bronze chests give a lot of healing potions during pvp


Well pg hasnt noticed yet this topic


The issue with chest drops is that people have vastly different needs. Until they change gold chest drops to be more tailored to a player (e.g. you have over 10k potions so now potions won’t drop for you) there is no one solution that will make people happy.