Lack of Healing Potions

At the beginning of this event I had about 10 heal potions, the last of my horde, the lowest my stash has been in at least 6 months.

Since the start of this event I have opened about 150 Gold Chests and 1000 Bronze chests.

Right now I am sitting at 232 heals and with Fort coming up, I might as well start popping the cork off most of those bottles. I know soon I will have to start buying heals with rubies or dedicate precious forge hours to the most basic item in the game. Or I guess I can just logoff and wait for my dragons to heal while I go play something else.

…or PG could give us a way of grinding heal potions, or put more of them per stack in chests, or add them to more rewards.


RNG is not your friend.

This event - opened: ZERO gold chests, ~500 bronze chests.

Start of event, 670+ heals, end of event 730+ heals…and I grind - >2m medals weekly.

Why everyone get Heal potion surplus? :sob:
Start around 180, and finish around 100…

I used to have 900 from a slowly increasing stockpile and then suddenly my stash count started going the other direction a couple months ago or so. I don’t really know why. My useage didn’t change and I use red dragons for missions and quests.

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I have dropped to 500+ in the last few weeks, but it always seem to find its way back up to 700+ :man_shrugging:

I don’t bother tracking it so I don’t know where it’s coming from

When I get under 1000 I’ll start to freak out :joy:


I have over 13,000 healing potions. I don’t know if I should feel happy or sad.

I started the event with close to 1,200 or so healing potions, I’m down to 1,069 and I’m starting to feel nervous :laughing:


Started with 1300 and finished with 1560. Opened only bronze chests, and a lot dropped from grinding.

Saw the title. Automatically agree. I need more heals


Started with 389 ended with 373… 2 months ago I had none and couldn’t find them anywhere. Now :man_shrugging:

I have about 6k… let’s not increase that amount

I grind and run 1M to 2M+ a week and have had to stop playing as dragons need to heal not only has the heal drop rate gone down the bronze chests are also down significantly.

Really? I haven’t noticed a difference. Still getting 1-3 per run on average. :t_rex:

I hope potions will have high drop rate, especially on ships…
Just burned some (or a lot) of my speedups for pots :disappointed_relieved:
Is drop rates (both items and chests) affected by how frequent a base is being raided?

Do you have atlas? One of the biggest heal pot drains is if you do your invader bases with the same dragon time and time again. I have at least 5 different dragons for invader so i can cycle through them without heal pots. I too get 2m+ medals weekly and am e2p (40$/yr spend) and my stash has grown from 400 to 1100 over the last 4 months. The only time it went down was when i was bringing up new dragons for invader and was down to 2 fast clearers. So thats an obvious place for me to start checking heal pot use

No. However I’m training Kaiju on XP base, which takes huge amount of heal pots, and I decided to save my bronzes for next pvp (since heal drops during this time is pretty bad)

Everyone with potions doesn’t go for fights, he just farms xp-bases and invader…

I seek my gold in PvP(5m-10m daily), that’s where my potions go to… I forge at least 50-100 potions a day…

Would appreciate higher drop rate of those. :smiley:

Speedups or rubies?

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speed ups. I don’t invest but atlas gives me more than enough timers :smiley: Still like 440d of timers left lol

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