Lack of HP boosts in Game forces me to Quit

After 6 years of playing I am finally at the point of being forced to quit because of a broken economy.

The longer you play the more towers boosts you need as your base grows longer.

I now have 7000 Attack Tower Boosts left 2000 HP Tower Boosts left. 2000 HP boosts is enough for 2.7 months.

It takes 24 of each boosts a day on a full base. That’s 720 a month. I currently use 560 but soon will need 720.

It’s takes 5h to forge a boost. Forging full time Tower HP boosts gives me only 144 boosts a month. God forbid when I also run out of Attack Tower Boosts.

Buying a defence pack from forge will give me 60 Boosts for 2750 rubies. I need 720 a month. You do the math.

Opening 500 Gold Chests during minor event (which means no resources to compete in PvP) according to the Chest Drop Planner will only give an average of 728 HP and Attack Boosts. So just enough for ONE month.

Opening 500K Bronze chests during minor event (again losing out on PVP) gives you an average of 1400 boosts which isn’t enough to cover a full season.

I can’t be the only person in this situation. It’s a very broken economy if I need 33K rubies on Boost Packs a month to keep my base boosted.

Dear @PGTimber @PGJared @DragonPunch has PG any plans on fixing this or is my only choice to finally leave this game? Also why do I have 2-3 times more Tower Attack Boosts than HP Boosts?

Meanwhile I am flooded with dragon Attack/HP boosts. I also have 7500 100% XP boosts and 4500 200% XP boosts that I will never need.

As a temporary suggestion could you discuss maybe the possibility of exchanging Dragon Boosts with Tower Boost and give us something to do with these ridiculous amounts of XP boosts in Trade?


Could always add them into Reginald’s rotation easy enough too


Easiest solution for sure but economy still needs to be adjusted because even the trade would eventually create a lack in another resource.


I have the same disbalance. I’m at 7k attack boosts and 3k HP boosts.


dont boost your base during pvp events will save a few.

as with all rss management games choices have to be made.

is it inconvenient you cant keep your base boosted for free …yes…is PG a charity…well no so to have the best things you may need to spend i dont see why spenders should not have a few things made easier to manage.

but is the economy broken yup and in so many ways…The fact i can free wheel and get a mythic easily every season with no spending is bad as they are not a charity and i am given no reason to spend easily getting the bits i want.

as for these specific boosts i seldom have boosts on pvp if i do its the one i have the most of.

it is good though on a quitting post not to get all the usual departure trolls

i also have more att than def with 15.7k and 11.8k respectfully

I don’t believe for one minute that big spenders spend money on Tower Boosts. Absolutely no one is buying 60 boosts for 2750 rubies when you need 720 boosts a month or open 500 gold chests EVERY month during minor event to get 728 (the average drop) boosts.

Some players have more boosts because the drops weren’t always the same as over the years resources were added and tweaked. So it’s more of a matter of how long someone’s has been playing. You can see the changes from the discrepancy between Attack and HP boosts. I know big spenders that are now coming to the same predicament so it’s not a “spending” issue.

Keeping you base unboosted during PVP is not exactly and option if you are in a competitive team and don’t want to shaft your team. Also Atlas is still a thing even during PvP.


I just open my bronze chests during breeding during the winter/spring seasons, where breeding is one of the events during the discount weeks. That gives me more or less enough to keep a full base boosted.


no i dont think folk are doing that atm either…but as you sa this problem is coming to everyone some quicker than others.

up till now it has been pretty much free to have your base boosted so it is the norm maybe that has to change and only certain islands will be boosted. Atlas during pvp is not a huge thing sure folk can be found swapping and farting about in aligane but choices have to be made and more will need to be made everything cant be free forever with perhaps the new norm being only half a full base boosted. who know what if any plan has been made for a problem thats been in the now for many and fast approaching for a lot more.
No one is entitled to have their base boosted so if you want it pay for it if you dont then dont much like a lot of the little extras in game which also are more readily available to the more veteran players.
lack of boosts force you to choose and you can of course choose to quit. it is however your choice and one that many have made before and will do after you for this or many other reasons they find annoying.

opening golds or bronzes out with pvp is now far more possible with the draconics offering a lot of pvp rss and other bits.

If base boost was 1 or 2% I might agree with you, but 30% is essential in the current meta with dragons that can fly your base in 60 seconds and the only hope of knocking one down depends on every ounce of base strength you can muster.

@Rhea I do agree the overall economy appears to have holes. There are massive and unexplainable differences between players in some resources.

I come back to my age-old complaint about hammers. Like the calculations by the OP @Rhea the cost of crafting or buying hammers is completely out of whack with reality. And yet some on my team have 10k+

Maybe having the ability to gift more resources - like 200 troops a day can be gifted within the team - allow more resources to be gifted to teammates and let teams balance their players resources needs at least a little.

Some of these resources, like base boosts, and defence spells, are fundamental to the game especially in competitive leagues. I completely understand the perspective of feeling frustrated and hopeless when what you need to play the game effectively is so far out of reach.

Those feelings dont make you want to log in. And they get amplified when you do and are confronted with the ongoing reality of being inadequately equipped for the basic game.


It is draconic chests… I have more than 10k+ hammers for the last 4-6 seasons, and I defend and throw hammers a lot.

Edit: Perhaps they should add base boosts to draconic chests too.

I have only 94 hp boosts :joy::joy::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth:so when u tell about 3k I think with u all is good :joy::joy::joy::joy:


The 60 sec dragons are the problem. For these in particular barb sol mostly hunters they are just broken and for the 60 sec flyers on defended bases 30% is really not making any real difference.

No dragon type has kept up with the changing meta with the exception of the hunter and with the exotic glove. that’s as stupid a design as the orrey and has changed the game for the other classes making their lack of burst damage a problem.

You don’t see many warrior/sorcerer 60 sec runs or no hit runs.

I often open chests outwith pvp for needed rss and I also often have to choose when to boost not to mention I also have to decide if I wanna spend the rss needed for a certain point target. For instance this pits crap we are having next 40k or whatever it is I will be there and stop and I will not boost my base for it unless it’s boosted by chance. I am sometime to lazy to press like 200 times so just load the max days and think who cares.

What we need is not a splatter gun approach to this and that be it hammers boosts or whatever but a plan to fix the game resulting in the economy being fixed.

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Lol……that’s a nightmare so it is

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Hi all! The team is aware of the concern surrounding Tower Boosts. We’re currently in the process of reviewing and investigating the issue. Thank you!


I’m even having the slowly being drained crisis of tower boosts on my end I have a lot of them but as soon as they started to heavily pile up I decided to stop boosting for a year or 2.


Why are you guys so frustrated about not having enough HP-BOOST? I don’t even bother to use them because my opponents will go through my base with or without the BOOST, as long as their dragons are strong. Honestly the BOOST is nothing to me.


Try having more than 3 islands to boost and being on an atlas active team. Your situation is not comparable to those who are facing this issue. This is not a dig at you or your team FYI


I still don’t get it. Why? I don’t use any BOOST at all and I still enjoy the game. BOOST was not the issue and will never be the issue. The garbage season dragons are actually the issues in my opinion.

Edit. I mean the reason to quit just because of lack of HP boosts?? this is very interesting idea to me. No offense, I just not get it.

Players should just start a No Boost movement. Make things easier for everyone.