Lack of HP boosts in Game forces me to Quit

They are pretty redundant. We need dragon boosts to counter tower boosts and we only need tower boosts to counter dragon boosts. It’s all just to have a pointless currency to dilute chests with. Just like heal pots. Remove them and dragon healing time and things only improve.


I still have plenty of boosts - been using them sparingly for years. But now going through them fast due to more islands to buff. And the problem will only get worse. I use the same amount of attack and hp boosts - not sure why there is such a huge discrepancy in their numbers. But should be fixed.

Would be nice if we could purchase the boosts (even with sigils) during Trading Posts. That way a person could open chests during PvP events if they value ep and if over sigils. Multiple ways of obtaining a resource is usually the best approach.

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Would really appreciate a fix to this. In 4 days I will stop boosting my base for a while :sweat:

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In all honesty if you have over 10k+ of both boosts you either hoarded them for a long time like before this crisis or simply put your a whale… That’s pretty much it though.

Remove ATLAS and things only improve. Fixed it for you :+1:


Things improve because it’ll be so much easier for me to justify quitting lol



That guy doesn’t really want anything to replace Atlas if he wants it gone so …. “This is a load of barnacles”

Also the boost shortage is also.

So glad you created this post

SEVERAL PLAYERS on my team - including my Alt on a different team



But we have thousands and thousands of attack boosts

It’s ridiculous and unbalanced just like the rest of this game !!!

And something definitely needs to be done about it by PG !!!


Yeah, that’d actually be much easier approach.

Remove boosts altogether from the game.

No sarcasm, btw.

And swapping those boost drops from chests to something useful may actually help us out more. :disappointed:


Seriously though, better economy may actually bring new buyers. Not to mention semi-whales will be more inclined open up their wallets. Both leading to higher profit.


Best solution so far. It would clean up nicely chest drops. The game has far too many items and currencies.


People shouldn’t have to pick between Inner Fire/Energy vs Tower HP boosts.


This is much cleaner but like gear and riders etc it adds layers of possible escalation. It’s another layer of stuff that stops newer players competing by never being able to get a stock which of course was never seen as a problem but somehow now is….not sure what’s changed…perhaps who is now having the problem?

Lol of course they should it’s a mobile game where choices are made all the time.

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If you think InnerFire/Energy are of equal trade value with HP Tower Boosts then you and I are playing a different game.


Sounds like you’re making a choice for energy over boosts right there…


Tbh they should do something with tower boosts and all the other problems with drop rates especially in Draconics soon, because if you add something in your going to effect the drop rates of other items so maybe they should either make it rare drop or legendary rarity only so it doesn’t screw up much. Basically what I see by adding all those better shard drop rates in Draconics thar’ll mess with everything else and screw up something that used to be good for others. So I think people are asking for too much when it comes to Draconics. Besides who even uses the festive dragons anymore other than newer players?

No mate your on a fixed income. It comes from a mix of activity and cash.

You think you are entitled to more benefits from the state for free as what you get you just can’t live on.

I think folk should live within their means. Same game different outlook.

Nobody is on a ‘fixed’ income in this game. Looking for value is not looking for freebies. ‘Live within your means’ Don’t conflate gaming with real life. Calm down and have a cup of tea.


Speaking of imbalanced items, I’d be willing to trade mythic ice flak HP runes for HP base boosts (make better runes pg).