Lack of sigils in event rewards

Ok, so I’ve never really understood the logic behind this. In the lower point rewards, you have sigils in at least every other prize. Yet once you start getting up there sigils start disappearing and the gaps between prizes become pretty large. All you really start getting is rubies and 1 or 2 gold chests (as well as a few egg tokens and boosts that no one actually cares about)

I get that these prize levels are more for the upper-level players that can easily hit 2 million points in a fort event without breaking a sweat. But sigils are kind of one of the big reasons for participating in an event and pushing harder to reach those higher rewards. For a lot of us “lower level” players, it really kind of sucks to get past that 450 sigil marker and then realize you’re pretty much done, you’re not really going to get any more sigils for the rest of the event. Is there some logic (besides wanting people to spend $$$) that explains this that Im missing?

Seems like 4 big prizes with 0 sigils in them is a bit unreasonable, especially when the point gaps between prizes shoot up to 200k, 300k, 400k. For some of us this is like crossing a desert on foot to deliver a pizza and then the customer stiffs you on the tip.


I just stop at the typical 450 sigil and call it a day…last forti event I decided to go for the legendary rune though.

It’s mostly a money thing but another large part of it is I assume they only want to offer a certain number of sigil per event but need higher tiers of prizes for those that do spend.


Normally I stop at the 450 too because there’s just no incentive to go further since there’s no sigils. Im really in need of some rage runes/glyphs though so Im going to go for the glyph. Just sucks that that’s really all there is in there for prizes.


I barely ever make it to the 450 sigil prize :see_no_evil: If/when I do, though, I stop there. The prizes from there on just don’t seem worth it from the spacing of sigils, as you said.


Do not forgett, if you are in a capable good team where people safe until next, they can spend a little bit more timers to reach 1M … If you have 40 good players who can do that, you win from teamprizes again sigils :slight_smile:

True but thats not very likely to happen in teams outside of probably sapphire.

if that is not possible i agree with , that 720k is a good target over all. And safe more for later.

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The prizes never used to go that high, they just added a few extra for the players who get millions over the old event prize cap.

I figure that is the reason that there are no sigils there.

This is also to help balance between bigger and smaller players?

If the sigils were that easy to obtain, everyone would have the mythic event dragons, they would be less and less rare. With these seasons, in comparison to what it used to be, they have made it a lot easier to get prizes and extra goodies, so I don’t mind not getting the extra stuff and am just grateful that I can get what I do without paying.

I am about to hit the 1.9 M reward and will probably stop there…I like the extra tokens and rubies…


How long ago are we talking here? Ever since i’ve been counting there has been a 500 sigil prize mark with approximately this spread between them.

True, I’m talking about a long time ago…lol

A couple years ago, I don’t remember it going too much higher than 1.5M prize tier cap.

Playing too long, may have too much mixed up…lol

I’m aiming for 1.9M as a F2P player…I’ve done it before

Diminishing returns on rewards mean that the people most likely to go for the end-tier rewards are the mid-big spenders. It’s basic market segmentation; it makes a ton of sense from a business perspective.

From a gameplay perspective, I don’t think it’s bad either; it keeps sigils reasonably scarce for everyone, so that motivated E2P noobs can do pretty well for themselves.

We could certainly argue that sigils should be globally more plentiful, but I don’t think prize tiering is the place to implement that change.

The later prizes tend to offer large amounts of other valuable rewards that you will most likely convert into some number of sigils, anyway. E.g., 1m through 1.5m got me 2.5k rubies + 4 gold chests, or a combined value of 10 gold chests. 10 gold chests has an average value of about 220 sigils, plus a lot of other helpful goodies based on when you open them.

I did 1.9 last fort for the glyph and will do it again this fort. Need some creative planning not to over level :joy:


The reward tiers in fort are messed up anyway.
In pvp, the bonus rewards after getting 100% scale up normally.
In fort, the next bonus tier after 2.4mil points is 4mil points… nearly double :thinking:

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