Lag and disconnect issues

Has anyone been experiencing lag when trying to load atlas castles, it seems to take forever now… or lag issues when you try to load atlas at all it says it failed to load atlas over and over when you try to open it… or when you’re in a run and try to swap and it says the other person has disconnected?

None of these issues occurred before the last update for me and a lot of people I know are experiencing them.


So much lagging

I get that message too. Very annoying. Can’t get into atlas half the time or it kicks me out of atlas. I’ve sent tickets in and I’ve done everything they have asked…and still…same result…failure to load atlas. This didn’t happen to me until after the most recent update and they can’t give me a “solution” to the problem.

Yes, I have the same issue- at least the “Failure to load Atlas” error. Happens frequently. I put it in a different thread and I have a ticket in.

I don’t know what exactly changed with this update but the lag and disconnect issues are off the charts. Ugh.

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OMG the lag and all the disconnecting issues make the game almost unbearable. And the constant freezing in the middle of attacks is the worst of all. And of course PG will just blame it on our connections or devices. And then tell us to just uninstall and then reinstall. When will the game be fixed?

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